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    Do you think that BJP is on the right path in bringing all the States into his stride by some means?

    BJP Party at present is calculating it has 75% of India is in its hold in some way or the other way. Amit Sha and other strategists of the party are working hard to completely oust the opposition parties of various states from the rule. Why BJP is so conscious about this type of agenda. In the State Assembly elections of Goa, Manipur and Nagaland even though BJP has not got absolute majority by hook or crook they captured power there. Now in Bihar a party which won Assembly elections opposing BJP party strongly, Mr.Modi's BJP party joined them and sharing power. Why a honest and Principled person like Modi joined hands with Mr. Nitish who fought against their principles. What is the need for BJP to be more conscious to grab power than to provide good governance for the people?
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    Very good question! During the last three years we have seen that rudderless, short-sighted, power-hungry, corrupt and sometime working against the interest of the country, opposition parties have created one after another hurdle in the constructive work of the present Government. The opposition's stance regarding GST is an apt example. Comments on surgical strike by the leaders of the opposition is another.
    This is the inherent problem of federal structure followed in India. So, it is quite natural for BJP to belittle the opposition by adopting various strategies. This may not be desirable, but quite natural considering the activities of opposition leaders.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Yes BJP has learned the politics from Congress in this regard. In those days the Congress used to snatch the power from non congress governments by creating law and problems and then imposing President role. How legitimate NTR regime was thrown out and Nadenla Bhaskar Rao became CM for one month with the support of Congress was known fact. In politics everything is allowed. Now that Nitish Kumar has joined hands with BJP, Lalu is branding him the murderer of some past case of no importance. So opposition parties caught napping while BJP conquered one state after other and holding their strong base now. Now the real fight would be between Congress and BJP with other parties has to side this side or that side.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The top leadership of BJP is trying to bring a good governance in the country and is doing every possible thing to achieve this objective.

    India is a big country and there are many states in it. State is mostly governed by local leaders and there is a lot of influence of public and politics on the state government functioning.

    Sometimes it may also happen that the interest of States may also clash with the national and foreign policies of Central Government.

    The BJP government is trying to mitigate the situation by introducing regulations which are acceptable to all the states.
    This is a herculean task and will take lot of efforts and time.
    There is a need of reform in tax structure, Logistics and basic infrastructure support everywhere in each part of the country.
    The government has got a challenging task of developing states and integrating them to be a part in India's progress in financial and defence sectors.

    We very well know india is a country of diverse cultures, religions, ideological groups, languages etc and we have to find a way to create a unity out of this diversity. Today central government is trying to do the same thing.

    GST is a step in this direction and its results will be soon visible. There will be many other measures by which government will be enhancing its tax collection and a growth in GDP which will eventually be good for common people.

    Demonetization step has already removed a lot of black money from the circulation and more such measures in future will clean the system from hoarding and black marketing.

    All the efforts of Central Government which are focused for the progress and growth of this country will not be possible without the integration of all the states in this endeavour.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In mature democracies, opposition parties support good moves of the ruling party. However, in Indian democracy, the present opposition parties one-point agenda is anti-ruling aprty stance on each and every issue. Even main stream media is also playing the same ball-game.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    BJP is one party in India which is having ethics. All these days the other parties were doing all mischiefs and trying to isolate BJP and rule the country. But BJP never gone out of its policy. Now after a long gap people realised the problem and they have voted BJP into power. Now without acting responsible, the opposition parties are trying to defame with unfair practices. As such BJP is also trying to implement thorn for thorn policy. (To remove a thorn we require another thorn only) , I don't find anything wrong in this policy. The top two people in BJP Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Shah are very shrewd politicians and actions they are taking are yielding good yields.
    If Opposition parties support BJP in good issues and see that there will be a harmony between the ruling and opposition parties, I think BJP will never go for unfair practices. But as long as they behave irresponsible these actions from BJP will become inevitable.

    always confident

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    Dr. Rao, How you say BJP has ethics, people who have rejected BJP have joined BJD to share the power. Similarly to defeat a candidate of Congress contesting an MP seat of Rajyasabha through Aakarsh mantra attracting MLA's into their party in Gujarat. If you say thorn for thorn what is the best in BJP?

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    We cannot directly be judgmental on this matter.

    BJP can have a feeling of elation that they have come to a respectable and formidable in the nation's political scene , from the situation of being considered almost a 'politically untouchable party'.
    However that should not go to their head and they should not become autocratic and authoritarian. The more victorious they come, the more humble and people friendly they should become.

    The bare fact about Indian democracy is that the party having majority number of seats need not be and were not always having the majority of popular votes. The win-lose and ruling-opposition status is caused many times by a slender quantum of floating or unbiased voters. A small wind can take the same to the opposite side.

    Even now, we cannot predict how the next elections may result in. It needs just a special event, few days of focused campaigning(by media too) raking up emotions, even using half truths and untruths, to change the wind and trend and result in a sweep for one side and fall for the other side. We had seen such changes in some situations.

    The NDA and BJP should always keep in mind the old adage 'Pride goes before a fall' and should be ' winning hearts before winning votes".

    However given the situation that ' success begets success 'and 'winner takes all', for the current strategical reasons NDA and BJP should strive to be truly a pan-India coalition and party and can take the successive wins and success as booster doses. In that regard, I feel the NDA side is on the right path as situation warrants now.

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    Mr. RamaKrishna, Good Morning.
    The people like Atal, Advani, Venkaiah and Modi are the stars in BJP. They never encouraged the malpractices. But they are becoming odd man out and party is not growing. Always remaining the same . This is mainly due to their ethical practices and principles only. The other parties are taking it as an advantage. So to improve their party and bring more stability to the country they may be doing small small undoings. We should not always point out those only. We should see the other side of the coin also. That is why I always feel BJP is the best among the available.
    Yudhistir is very famous for his good acts and also we know that he will never speak a bad word or he never lies. But to win in the war as per the advice of Lord Krishna, twice or thrice he also used lies as a tool for victory. Wars are fought for victory. By taking these two or three examples can you say that Dharmaja had no ethics.
    I think we should have holistic approach.

    always confident

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