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    Importance of research in colleges likely to come down.

    In a statement the Central Minister for Human Resource Development has stated that the teachers working in colleges need not do research as part of their career development. At present for promotions additional credits are given for their research out put. However the teachers attached to Universities will have to do research as part of their duty.
    The explanation given to this move is that the college teachers will have more teaching work load and hence attending to additional research work would adversely affect the teaching. University teachers are specialists and number of hours they spend on teaching will be less.
    In fact this was the set up earlier. When UGC scale was introduced to all teachers this modification was introduced.
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    The research turnout especially in science and technology more depend on the interest in the person. I don't know whether any the research activity is going on in any university except by a few numbers. Whatever work is carried out bh research scholars is of use only for the candidate to get his doctorate. Otherwise no much work is being done in Universities. Actually Industry university collaboration in certain fields will improve the outputs of the research. The spends on research in Universities and colleges are much high when compared to the outputs from that work. In colleges some lecturers may be doing some work again for getting their Doctorate which will give chance for promotion to him. The quantity of research we need not measure but the quality of the work and the outputs to the society from the research is more important. I don't know where we will stand in that pursuit. Especially in Universities we expect much useful work as the professors and other teaching staff will have very less workload. and they are supposed to concentrate more on the research which is useful to industry in particular and the Nation in general.
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    I wont agree with the author that with changed perception of Union government the research in colleges would come down. In fact every college is having their own R and D wing to investigate and find out new things irrespective of central intervention or advise. No college can stop the research work citing reasons whats so ever. Research is the on going process and the students who are attached to every college take pride in their new findings to which the teachers and others do cooperate in full. So research works would go unhampered though center feels that teachers should not be disturbed.
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    If the statement is true, then its a sad day for Indian Education as a whole because research is an integral part of any education process. Research requires infrastructure, passion, dedication, finance and appropriate supervisors all of which can be lacking in varying degrees across the universities barring a handful of premier centres.
    We are living is a society that is rapidly developing were many topics in current textbooks change or become outdated by the time the candidate completes his graduation. The treatment of a particular illness keeps changing why? Research often proves that the newer treatment option is better than the current one. We know that tobacco and pan chewing causes cancer how? by the hard work done by researchers who have proven a cause to effect.
    Hence on the contrary the government should encourage research in universities, provide incentives for students and teachers, provide appropriate facilities, secure grants from multinational corporation and charitable organisations. Ensure research continues, who knows India can find an another Dr. Abdul Kamal (rocket technology) or an another Dr.Salk ( discover oral polio vaccine)..

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    Govt has taken this move to ascertain that teachers should concentrate only for their core job that is teaching. This may be a good proposition but there are some consequences also. Apart from the promotion thing there is one more aspect. If teacher does not take part in research who will guide the students doing research. He should also be aware of the whole gamut of research and the topics available today. In fact if he is not taking an active part in the research there will be a vacuum in the area of research guides which may be detrimental in the long run for our higher end education.
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    Teaching and research should go hand in hand at the higher classes, especially at the PG level. Only if the teacher is familiar and up dated he can be a good teacher. Research minded teachers will go on searching the newer publications, which indirectly will help the PG students.
    At the same time if teacher is to do own research he might find out more time. This will force to cut down the teaching hours. But in colleges for every course a syllabus will be there and will have to be completed within a scheduled time. This is the problem with college teachings.

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