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    Payment Terms & Conditions and Date of Payment

    Hello respective friends,

    I want to know about payment procedure in India study channel. What is Policy they follow for payment and when any member get payment.

    Can any member get payment in another name. Can any member get payment in another bank account.

    And the ways by any member can earn from this site.

    Please guide me appropriately.
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    Normally the ISC would release the payment to eligible members on reaching the threshold and on announcement by webmaster on 1st or 2nd of every month. If your name appears in the list, then there would be details click through which you will get the ISC invoice number and other details. You have to fill the invoice with the details pertaining to your bank account or some one whom you authorize to get the payment on your behalf and send the details to ISC. You will get the payment through bank account as mentioned. As some members are minors , they can get the payment through father bank account.
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    Thanku so much sir for your answer and guide me.

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    Dev Kumar,

    You can check: ISC payments . I would like to suggest that you please spend some time going through all the Help topics for further clarity on various aspects of ISC services and features.

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    Only one point I want to mention about payments from ISC. ISC is very very prompt in payment. Whatever they award that will come to your bank account within 10 days from the date of raising the invoice. Don't worry about that part but concentrate on your contributions and education on the site.
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    Dear Devkumar,
    You will be eligible for your first payment when you accumulate Rs. 300 +. Subsequent payments will be made only when you accumulate more than Rs. 600+ or 700+ (It varies)by the last day of the month. Payment will be announced on the 1st/2nd day of the month.

    It is mandatory to have a bank account of your own, and you should mention it while submitting the invoice. The name mentioned in your bank account and your name given at ISC profile page should match. You need to indicate the bank address with its IFSC code for easy transfer of money.

    The payment will be credited to your account online within few days after submitting your invoice.

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