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    Can we keep deer as pet?

    Today morning I reeceived a telephone call from one of my old friends. My friend has been working as a manager in a famous tea-garden of North Bengal. He has stated that today early morning the workers of the tea-garden have rescued a fawn (baby deer) which had been stalked by a leopard.

    Now my firend wants to keep the baby deer in his residential complex as pet. He wants to know the following:-

    (a) Is it possible to keep a deer as a pet (from behavioural point of view of the deer)?
    (b) Is it legally okay to keep a fawn as pet?
    (c) Is a deer dangerous for young child/children? Can it attack them with its horns?

    Knowledgeable members may kindly give theeir opinion in this regard.

    [P.S. I posted this as a Forum thread intentionally to have a wide discussion.]
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    As per the law rearing a deer as a pet is not allowed . Why because we cannot give the natural habitat to the animal and we cannot give the life partner to the same in future if it grows. It is better to handover the same to the zoo park authorities who has the habitat and source to rear that animal.
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    I do not think that there is any provision under the law to keep protected species as pets. We have a 'Wild Protection Act' under which I think all wildlife is protected.

    Your friend can get in touch with the Forest Department officials and they would probably be able to help with a solution.

    PS: I like the fact that you have posted the queries here instead of the Ask Expert section. I guess a precedence has already been set. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander!

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    I have seen deer in many private zoos and also in the 'ashrams' of some religious sects. If keeping deer as pet is not allowed as per law, are these private zoos and ashrams committing offence?
    Moreover, can the deer be dangerous for small children?

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    Dear Partha,
    Just think for a while about the fate of Mata Sita of Ramayana who wanted to have a deer in her possession, for which Rama struggled in the Jungle, and the outcome of it. So, I do not think it wise to keep deer as a pet at home. I am sure, deer can pose danger to children due to its horn and quick jumping ability. Moreover, deers don't understand the human behaviour like the dogs, cats and goats.

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    You want to tame it or keep it as a pet? But given that the deer is an orphan( probably), it shouldn't be allowed to set free in wild. Babies and the eldest are the primary targets of the predators. Deers are a little dumber than your domestic dogs and cats. So you can consider it under cattle and domesticate it alongside goats or bovine.
    I think the authorities will understand the situation. If they don't, there are wildlife rescue camps nearby national parks and reserves, where this fawn of yours will be taken good care of in expert hands.
    So I think handing it over is the wisest decision.
    Answers to your questions:
    a. Yes
    b. You can persuade them. But I think it depends on the type of the deer. There are many endangered species in India. If yours in one of them, then it would be better to hand it over.
    c. Yes. In the "rut" season, the young deer body is filled with thrice as usual testosterone and it will ram anyone it considers a threat. Don't keep it until it grows the antlers. Once the antlers are grown, your fawn is no longer a helpless fawn and can defend itself. So, let it go when the antlers grow.

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