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    Project for removal of non- biodegradable wastes from houses.

    Kochi will soon have 'Green Volunteers' to collect plastic and e-waste. These volunteers will reach the door steps of every house and collect non - biodegradable waste as part of Government's 'freedom from waste' initiative being implemented by "Haritha Kerala Mission".

    The volunteers will collect plastic and paper waste once in every month. They will collect breakable glass materials once in every three months, medicine strips and cosmetic items once in two months, e - waste once in every six months and leather wastes once in a year. The existing 'Kudumbasree' or self-help groups will provide Haritha Sena members. A user fee will be collected from the house holds.

    Do you think such projects will help in the process of maintaining a balanced environment? Do you have any suggestions in this connection?
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    Project on removal, segregation, recycling etc., are good on one side but the improving the common sense among the people to use the dust bins, proper disposal of wastes from the houses, offices, factories, etc., is much more important. Without the collection of wastes the projects on removal, segregation, recycling become waste. In many flats the tenants or house people are using toilet to through the napkins, in some places the unused food packets, napkins, papers, water bottles, water packets are on the road. Many factories are leaving their wastes into public places without bothering the society and cleanliness of the city. First of all the strict education on the usage of wastage in proper manner should be followed.

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    In Telangana as the part of Swach Bharath Abhiyaan, the government and the local Municipality has already started collecting dry and wet waste through two different containers and they are charging rupees 50 per house. With this we wont find garbage or the waste thrown on the road and the regular safai wala is having less work to clean the road. Good that Kerala government has woken up and wants to have clean and green program. The opposition governments are not taking the BJP government programs seriously and thus Kerala has woken up late but never. Good that such cleanliness drives are given credence.
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    I think this is one of the marvelous projects for waste removal. Household waste collection and its proper disposal is the need of the day. In past the garbage was collected from the societies and was dumped in a common place far from the city. The garbage which was accumulated in that place became a health hazard for the subsequent colonies which came in existance there for residential purposes. The fact is that these agencies hired by government are not very expert and efficient in their working in the area of garbage collection and disposal.

    Unfortunately the garbage lifted by these agencies was usually a part of the garbage collected during the day. The reason for this was always cited as the lack of manpower. So in general in many places a lot of garbage was strewn across the lanes and roads which was a health hazard for the general public.

    Now the system which has been mentioned by the author in his thread is based on a different model where there is a participation of residents and volunteers. If this type of model is adopted in all of the country it could be a part of success towards garbage free India.

    If we only depend on the government for making the towns and cities garbage free then it will remain a distant dream. Such efforts by the volunteers and other agencies are a welcome move and I think we should also try to copy same model in our locality.

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    It is very nice that governments are coming out positively for maintaining cleanliness. As mentioned by Mr.K.Mohan Telangana government distributed two dustbins to each family. One dustbin to collect wet waste and the other to collect dry waste. These wastes so collected are going to recycling or incineration as required, So now a days Hyderabad Colonies are appearing a little neater than earlier.
    Waste collection is one part and treatment is another part. If they collect and dump there is no use. After collecting how they are reprocessing it or recycling it is an important point. The author has not mentioned about the treatment. Collecting at regular intervals is good but how they are treating it is very important.
    Many manufacturing Organisation won't maintain proper facilities for treatment of hazardous waste from their units and they will leave it out without treating which is causing lot of worry. Corrupt officers are not taking proper care in this respect. That is why pollution is becoming a big problem and government should stop these unethical practices and see that environment pollution be at its lowest rates.

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    This programme is not a brand new one as far as Kerala is concerned. The collection of waste from households by the local Governments has got established years back. In Kochi corporation, where I am staying the practice of collecting biodegradable and non- biodegradable wastes are being taken up with the help of societies constituted locally for this purpose and transmitted into the Corporation vehicles. Biodegradable wastes are collected daily while the plastic wastes once in a week. Now this new project is a.more detailed one with further classification of the wastes.
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