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    We should ensure that others do not get affected by our irresponsible actions.

    Once I happened to see a girl throwing a plastic cover to the road from a running bus. Within a few seconds I heard a banging sound from the side of the bus. On peeping out, I saw that a two wheeler had crashed against a car as the plastic cover thrown by that lady flew and stuck on the face of the two wheeler driver (unfortunately he was not wearing helmet also). The two wheeler driver had fallen down on the road but by luck he was neither injured nor was hit by other passing vehicles. This girl was neither a child nor was she uneducated. Her simple action affected many people.

    In many places, people doing some alteration or construction works heap the stones, sand etc. on the roadside without bothering about other vehicles and passersby.

    During rainy season I see many people releasing the water to the road without bothering about others. They throw waste items on the road without bothering about the blockade of drainage. During the last cyclone in Chennai, I saw a person in an outskirt area throwing an old bed torn into pieces out of his house and the same blocked the side canal through which the rain water was to drain.

    Spitting on the road without caring for others who are also walking along with them, throwing the waste to the road directly from upstairs etc are almost regular sights.

    The only thing we can and must do is to correct ourselves and then only ask government for anything. Without doing anything from our side and expecting from government side is not at all correct in any manner.
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    Very valid thread which signifies how the situation would be worse for some of our behaviors which can even take the life of others. This is the classic case reported by the author. For the passenger who thrown the plastic cover is the act of negligence and normally no public transport is having the garbage bin to put the same in it. On the part of that two wheeler driver he failed to wear the helmet, otherwise his fall would be fatal. What we learn from this that no one should throw anything from the moving vehicle and if at all they want to throw some thing, let them side the vehicle and do the needful.
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    Very very valid point. Many people will behave irresponsible. They never care for the fellow human beings. In our colony there are some families who use lot of water for cleaning their house and release that water on to the roads without worrying about others.
    After this Swachh Bharat programme in India ., some change is being observed. Recently I have gone to Vizag there the roads are very clean. I observed a school going girl after eating the chocolate, she was keeping the wrapper in her pocket. She told me that after going to her house she will keep that wrapper in dustbin.
    So everybody to take that kid as an example and should make a habit of not throwing waste on road. Cleanliness is one thing and another important factor is accidents and unnecessary problems. So all should think these two onts before throwing anything on to the road,

    always confident

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