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    India a developing country: then, now and will be

    Do you think perks for govt employees and benefits for reserved category people should be removed so as to use it for better resources for the country? Provide your views in this interesting discussion thread.

    It's so bitter to see our country being as prosperous as it is and still categorized as a developing country. From the day I could remember, I have been hearing this. The saddest part is that, the growth is being carried out in the slowest way as possible. What is the reason India even though owns great resources and brains but can't figure out why still developing. Take the case of Japan, just destroy them a hundred times, they recover back within days. All brilliant minds and resources of India has been invested in foreign countries. No one can blame them because there is less room for an entrepreneur with great convictions.

    While I was having friendly chit-chats, we just went through this topic and saw many arguments firing. What we discussed was about the pension system being availed and also the reservation benifits that the government is bearing on people. I strongly support giving pensions to deserved workers. But what I can see it totally different. People choose government jobs because they could sit simply and enjoy. Why should we encourage such laziness. Those with greater potential work for other countries. Same is the case with unfair benifits given for reservations.

    The point which I would like to make is, why should we invest money on such similar unnecessary things. The only way I can see India being developed one day is to cut all such perks and invest for the country. Let the deserved enjoy the egg in one's beer. I may be wrong on this but this is just my point of view and thought to share it with ISCians. Do respond to this and hoping for a some bold opinions. Thank you.
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    A good point. India is always a developing country. the reasons you have mentioned I will discuss later. But the important point for this is corruption at all levels. India as such is a rich country. But it is not evenly distributed. The wealth is getting accumulated with rich people only. Money is sleeping under their beds or wardrobes. Otherwise it is flying to other countries without any ticket or permission. BJP tried to bring the money from inside of houses to banks by banning Rs.2000/- and Rs.500/- notes. But I don't know the outcome is positive or negative. Unless otherwise whole money comes into circulation and the society should become a corruption free society this mismatch will continue.
    Then the second point comes is reservations. If you look deep into the issue who is getting benefitted. No poor man from a village is getting benefitted. Many of them even don't know the privileges that are being given to them by government. Then who is getting benefitted. A Collector's son is becoming a doctor. A doctor's daughter is becoming Collector. An MP's son is becoming MLA and an MLA's daughter is becoming MP. This system is to be completely revamped. Reservations should be for first generation in a family and basing on their economical background but not purely by caste.
    The 3rd point is pensions. Now Government also understood the problem and new recruiters may not have this facility even in government sector. But turn out of work is very less and salaries are climbing. This problem will be there forever if proper thought is not given in this direction.
    Another important factor to be seen is these politicians never wanted India to be a developed country. If it develops there will not be anything they can claim that their contribution is there in development. So India will be developing for ever.

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    What's the worst thing about India? Indians! We just don't deserve this beautiful and prosperous country. I think it's the mindset that is incurring problems here. We refuse to believe and use western stuff and try to abide by our age old methods. Sure, our ancestors were brilliant and definitely the methods they proposed worked at their age. Now, the world has changed in every aspect. Everyone's running a race towards development and India's merely spectating. So what brought upon this impending disaster on us? We can't blame the government. We chose our government. We indirectly or directly are always the reason for our own failures.
    Well, you suggested reducing perks given to government employees right? But by doing that you'll cut away the motivation of graduates. In an era like this, public sector and it's incentives, sounds like a salvation.
    I myself aim to get a public sector job after my You cannot cut the driving force of the youth.
    But as you said we can cut our unnecessary expenditure and invest them wisely.
    It's ok to reduce the salary margin of employees but never take away their incentives.

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    I posted this thread because being a civil engineering student, I always wished to build the world to its best. Even though we have plenty of potential in hand, we are simply wasting everything. That's what I like in Arab countries, only one man to decide and the country hypes at a faster rate.

    I have heard that countries like Malaysia have planned to make developments for their coming 25 years. Where as India, wasting their youth trying to Bann stuffs and encourage those corrupt. Its such a melancholic situation and I can see a hopeless country with brainless authority. No wonder why people migrate for job.

    Here is what the co-founder of Microsoft and an American business magnate, Bill Gates spoke about India: "if Microsoft stop hiring engineers from India then there will be a new Microsoft in India". See this is how great men thinks. This is why they are developed.

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    I agree with many of your points but not all of them, yes India needs to come out of the tag of a developing nation by bringing various reforms, and that can happen only by giving fair chance to everyone who is qualified not some kind of reservation a crutch given to underprivileged but now they are not all underprivileged but they still have those crutches.
    But I don't be agree with your argument that pension system should be abolished completely because not all the people are trying to find government jobs for pension.
    And how can we expect a retired Army veteran( not an retired army officer) at the age of 55-56 to work being a guard at some ATM or a housing society which is a one truth that you may have not have noticed. Even after the pension given by government. But why at his middle age he is doing this because pension provided by government is just a minimal amount to fulfill his basic needs and he don't have much skills other than what he learned in his earlier job. There are lot of such examples where pension is a basic necessity not some-kind of gift its a recognition and compensation that government is paying to these people for almost lifelong services.
    Same goes with the old people who have no one to take care for, abolition of pension scheme is not at all a solution to any-kind of problem our nation is facing right now, its revision can be considered but not abolition.

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    Yes India is the developing country not for the people but for those who are at the helm of powers. Those who grabbed power by fooling the voters showing moon in the palm are now well settled in life and they are only developing. For the normal person from student to the elder, the living conditions are same and has to strive for survival sustaining the worst reservation policy every where. Take example a forward student who secured top rank in National entrance exam is kept pending for MBBS seat and boy with low mark in Intermediate and lesser rank in National entrance test actually allotted seat just because of caste tag. Now he will be sitting beside the top ranker of forward caste and doing the MBSS and going to be future doctor. I am not against sops to downtrodden, it can be cash or kind from government , but when it comes to performance only merit must speak the words.
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    Let me make it clear miss neelam joshi. The point which I pulled out was not abolishing pension system completely. Doing as such is totally out of the track. But if you have experienced some government workers, what they actually does for the country other than making India more corrupt and dragging down. Yes, there are loyal and hardworking personalities out there and they are the only one who deserves this pension system. Government should carry out regular inspections so as to ensure their workers are moving in the right direction and is a valuable citizen. There are many other things to point out too. But still happy to see some agree with this view. We being an Independent Nation still dependent on other nations. Thats all i wanted to convey.

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    A very thought provoking thread. I congratulate the author to bring out this important issue.

    India is a country of diversity and different religions, traditions and local customs. For any government it is not an easy job to correct everything and put the country in the list of developed countries. The present government is trying to achieve this objective with concrete steps.

    Unfortunately many bad things like corruption have flown down from the top to bottom and now the roots are so deep that any government will have a challenging and herculean task to correct it completely.

    If we compare our tax collection and GDP growth then we are far behind than many countries.

    Computerisation and digitization is one of the areas which will help us in bringing down malpractices and misuse of documents and power.

    Another thing which is also very crucial is that unless each and every citizen is working with a common objective of growth and progress of country it can not become number one in the world.

    I am an optimistic person and I am sure that once the governance in our system is improved there will not be any problem for the Govt in charting its path to Glory and success.

    I am not exaggerating if I say that present Govt appears to be going in that intended direction and once the system is cleaned of the bad practices and corrupt handling of contracts and facilities to get dishonest monetary gains.

    Only thing is we must corporate and at our level try to contribute whatever little we can do for our nation and in the process we will achieve unity in diversity and once India is a powerful country there will be no threat from any outside invaders or outside business magnates.

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    A very good point raised by the author. I too don't support reservation specially based on caste. Rich or Poor can be anyone but our political system sees it from the glass of caste to create vote bank which is the main reason for we are still developing. Concept of reservation is not bad but should be implemented in a better way.

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    Yes, we as an Indian citizen can only pull out similar issues through debates and everything will be back to as it was. No one is daring enough to raise questions against the government. Because such a heck of crimes and gundaisms are seen everyday. So, we can only hope for the best.

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