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    Ragho Bheel had a good sleep that night

    The name of the station is Shribdrya Lathi. It is located at a distance of 65 km from Jaisalmer. The small station in the desert was known for Ragho Bheel, a Pointsman working in the station. This strapping Bheel of above 6 feet was extremely dare-devil. During the 1971 war, Ragho Bheel worked in a Pakistani railway station caputred by India, for around ten days. He was fond of hunting. He used to help the Station Masters posted in the small station from other parts of the country in various ways. As a result, the Station Masters used to look at other way when Ragho Bheel ignored/violated the strict rules of Railway.

    Ragho Bheel used to sleep in the open area in front of the station at night. He never bothered about the rule forbiding on-duty staff to sleep. He had been taking opium since his childhood. Every night at around 8 p.m. he used to take a good amount of opium, enjoy a sumptuous dinner of roti, ghee, meat of various animals and pickles. From 9 p.m onwards he slept like a dead log till 4.30 a.m. In the morning, he again became very active.

    That night, Shribdrya Lathi witnessed heavy rain, the first rain of the season. Despite repeated request from Station Master and other staff, Ragho Bheel declined to sleep inside the station. He didn't want any disturbance in his opium-induced sleep.

    However, the next morning he didn't wake up as usual. The first train arrived at 6 in the morning. Ragho was fast asleep. The second train passed at 6.30, then the third train at 7. Ragho didn''t wake up. The on-duty Station Master and other staff got anxious. They went near the place where Ragho was sleeping. They found a dark, black poisonous snake lying beside Ragho. There was a clear snake-bite mark on the right thigh of Ragho.

    They feared the worst. However, due to their hue and cry, after another fifteen minutes or so, Ragho slowly got up and saw the dead snake lying beside him. He said to himself: "Oh! That is why I had a sound sleep this night! But did you think you can kill Ragho Bheel by a single bite? Didn't you know I have been taking opium since my chidlhood?"

    Muttering these, Ragho threw away the dead snake in the surrounding desert and started his daily activities.
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    A really interesting and factual story. Yes, I have also heard of people on whom even the venom of snake becomes ineffective. The reason behind is, by consuming regular doze of some toxic substance like opium etc. their body develops so much resistance against poison that even the bite of a venomous snake or insect cannot do them any harm.

    People addicted to such toxic substances should realize that these substances act on human-body like slow-poison and can even kill them some day.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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    Very interesting and engrossing story which author has presented so lucidly.

    It is amazing that the human body is so capable of becoming immune to snake bites after a continuous doze of opium.

    I have read some old mythological stories where poison girls were prepared by oral doze of snake venom and they were sent by a king to other kingdom to kill the prince or some other important person in that kingdom. How much true is that is anybody's guess but the technique is in resemblance with the story in the thread.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good story from Partha. Should we be like Ragho Bheel and take some opium to deal with poisonous snakes? A good story, but what is the moral of the story?
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    The author has connected the current happening in the country with that of Ragho Bheeel story which had the interesting narrating. Nevertheless the use of opium and not having the effect of bite of poisonous snake as brought the fact to the core.
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    Good story. May be a real one. The narration by the author is very good. There are evidences that from the early stages of life if one starts taking a very very little poison on daily basis and slowly increases the dose also, it will not affect the person.
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    Mr. SUN (#604615): Do you try to find moral in every incident in life? It is a true incident narrated without any 'masala'.
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