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    Can India still depend on cultural links to past to have sphere of influence?

    Indian foreign policy in immediate neighborhood is to depend on cultural ties with Indian diaspora to exert influence. This policy was very useful during Congress Years of rule. Most countries in Indian neighborhood took to India's leadership fearing Chinese domination. But in recent years this aspect of relationship seems to be on the wane. China and US have lured many nations in Indian neighborhood by using investment and various funding measures. Almost most nations have felled in their influence. Pakistan has become all weather friend of China, India's traditional ally Sri Lanka is now openly pursuing trade policies harming Indian interest to benefit of China, Myanmar's Aang San Suu Kyi made China her first destination despite having familial friendship ties with both Congress and BJP. Nepal has openly adopted a Constitution degrading Indian interest to the tune of China. India's lone protectorate Bhutan now wants direct communication with China instead of Chinese office at Delhi. Bangladesh is part of Chinese Silk road initiative. All these suggest that India can no longer bask in its tradition ties concept and must discover new ways to develop meaningful influence in immediate neighborhood. Friends what do you think?
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    It is true that India can no longer depend on its tradition tri concept. It should discover some new ideas to influence immediate neighbors. The present External affairs ministry and PM are pursuing the same concept only. If A is going to B and leaving C from its earlier relations, C should try to bring B into its fold so that indirectly A will also be in our fold. That is why Modi is trying to have good ties with big Nations which will increase the image of our country all over the globe and we will get attracted by many.
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    India can still take pride of its rich culture and tradition through which foreign contracts and investments are still possible. Not only Indian diaspora living elsewhere in the world, but general trend is that every top Industrialist of the world want to invest In India and tap the Indian market which is conducive to every one. Now that our PM has coined out new slogan of Make in India, top brands across the globe are vying to start their unit or assembly unit and there by fulfilling the need of make in India and get benefited. But the real take would be Indian Industries taking on to the exports from this concept.
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    In my opinion, the shift in our policy with regard to international relations after the assumption of power by the Modi government has made it almost difficult now to revive the past relations with neighboring countries based on cultural links. While it cannot be disputed that international relations of any nation cannot be static and is subject to changes depending on various internal and external factors, the potent urge to foster relations with countries across the world without giving the idea a wholesome thought has, in a way, led to deterioration of relations that were earlier maintained more diplomatically.

    There are fair reasons to conclude that our PM has brought along the experience he had with foreign nations as Chief Minister of Gujarat which does not appear to have worked convincingly as far as the national arena is concerned. Vibrant Gujarat may have worked out due to different reasons but the same policy and logic does not seem to be working in the case of policies like Make in India.

    Pakistan was always our enemy but it was not so with China though we had differences with them all the time. The shift in the policies of our other neighbors like NepaI, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and even Bhutan is something that need to be taken a serious note of. I think the efforts to get closer to the US has had a negative impact when all the subsequent developments are taken into consideration. In this connection it would be better to keep in mind that the Big Brother is actually no one's friend; US has always had its own interests in whatever it does.

    So, there is a need to revisit our existing policy and change stands and strategies, if required, keeping the internal and external security and diplomatic factors in mind. A revival of our cultural links is a possible option that may bring in a positive change in the present scenario and I think government at the center should approach the issue in a more mature and pragmatic manner.

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