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    Must growth be India's only goal or should there be development too?

    India is one of the fastest growing country by all means. But is growth our only aim? What about development? These two are very different terms and governments often cites growth as a means of our developed status. But does growth really guarantee it?

    Let me put in with an example. Let us assume that the government wants to mine a forest area and nearby agricultural fields for coal. The mine plant will surely increase the GDP of our nation by having multiplier effect on economy. But many thousands of tribal and farmers have to be evacuated and their livelihoods will be affected. The natural ecosystem will be destroyed. The employment given by mine companies will not compensate for farmers due to increasing automation of mining process. Moreover mining company creates workers whereas many agriculturists, though earning meager, might have been owners. Friends you might now have guessed what I am referring to. Yes, I am referring to Singur controversy in West Bengal, Neduvasal in Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand mining pits, River linking project across Panna Tiger reserve and so on.

    What can be done in these situations? I am not giving my point of view presently to get different points of view without having any bias. I will give my opinion on it after some responses.
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    There are many other issues which are to be given priority in addition to growth. No doubt growth should be there but at what cost. Government should look into other aspects also as mentioned by the author. Those issues should also be given priority.
    In addition to that Government should concentrate more on the stability of the country also.THe 2 neighboring countries are there to destabilise us. So to keep our guns ready we are spending lot of money for defence. If we have better relations we need not spend that much money on defence. That money can be utilised for all other needs so that India will become self sufficient and have a strong say in the world.
    What to do for this and how to do is to be done by the think tank of the country and decide a road map and go ahead as per the planning and once for all settle the issue. Otherwise we may not be able to keep an eye on all important matters.

    always confident

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