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    What is the diffrence between BJP and Congress if BJP hijacks Congress MLA's for MP seat?

    Gujarat is the model State of India developed and promoted by our PM Mr. Modi in the past. He got fame and recognition in India through this which paved way to become PM of India. People believed him strongly in his moral, honest and his corrupt free activities in politics. But from the state from where he started sincere politics, BJP Party and its President Amit Sha planned to defeat a Congress candidate Mr.Ahamed Patel to get defeated in Rajya vSabha election and attracting Congress MLA's through Aakarsh Mantra. Out of fear the Congress Party to save their MLA's organizing a Camp in Karnataka. In the past we have seen to save MLA's, CM's who are undergoing no trust motions used to arrange camps to save their support. But at present In BJP's regime fo MP seat of Rajya Sabha the same thing happening. Those members who see BJP party has more moral ethics in politics how can you justify it. We want to see a different and honest politics from BJP unlike of that of Congress and other political parties in the past.
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    Should we use the word hijack' in the present context? Is it possible to hijack a top leader like Shankar Singh Baghela? It is quite natural the supporters of Baghela within the Congress want to leave Congress like their leader?

    If we don't admit that Congress is a sinking ship and people want to come out of it, this type of Forum posts will be seen in the platform of ISC.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It should not be expected that in a war or battle only one side can use any kind of tricks, false campaigning and spread of untruths, and use any method to defeat the opponent. This was the case till now when all parties united and practiced any and every method whether right or wrong, moral or immoral against BJP and isolated it as an untouchable political party. These parties could continue in their job of unleashing wrong propaganda using or taking help from the vested interests, and never bothered if that caused the nationgret harm. Their only interest was to isolate and oust BJP.

    Now, when they are getting taste of a bit of their own potion re-served to them, they feel the pain and cry hoarse.
    The case can be just equated to the student learning the tricks from the master and using them on him.

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    In politics intelligent maneuvering should be the order of the day. Every legislator who has spent crores of rupees and got elected for either ruling or opposition parties are closely and constantly watched for their dissent activities and thus even a little indication is made use of. In AP Chandrababu Naidu has started the trend of hijacking the MLA's belonging to YSR Congress party and thus Jagan Mohan Reddy caught napping. Same way the RJD and Congress got napping when Nitish Kumar resigned and then joined hands with BJP to form government in Bihar again for the sixth time as CM. What I mean to stress here that in politics everything is possible and that should be to keep alert the so called leaders. If Congress could be weakened in Gujarat and the remaining MLA's are being lodged in Bengaluru for safety means it is win win situation for BJP.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    So our esteemed above members also interested to see an exciting fighting movie on the political screen irrespective of ethics and morals. So they want to see their favourite political party to win at any cost!!!

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    Not that we are having the interest to view the political drama as it unfolds. But what is happening has become the necessity for the Congress and other parties as they have to be tamed for taking on BJP to no reasons. Arivind Kejriwal was made mute with his own party member washing dirty linen in public about his corrupt practices. Lalu Prasad Yadav was virtually made zero in Bihar as Nitish Kumar taken sides with BJP. And now Gujarat is getting rid of Congress. All these are political overtures to which opposition parties are alone responsible and we are getting the taste of a good political drama to enjoy.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Wars that are fought for noble cause should be won by the deserved. For that sometimes we may have to go a little this way or that way and can be tolerated and need not give much importance. The aims of war are more important. BJP is striving for the cause of the country and welfare of the people in long run. In this pursuit once or twice crossing the border may not be viewed seriously as the ultimate goal is a pious goal. But the other parties, here I don't want to name a single party, are warring for their benefits and power. In achieving their goal they never think about borders and they will be always out of borders only. So again I will say that BJP , by all means, is the best among the available.
    Krishna advised Arjuna to use the weapon on Karna when he is trying to repair his broken chariot. Arjuna did it. Now basing on this can we infer that Shakuni and Lord Krishna are one and the same. Krishna did it in the interest of society and dharma where as Sakuni did all actions by pretending as a wellwisher of Duryodhana and seen that Duryodhana will lose the battle to take revenge on him. He has done it with his personal reason whereas Krishna is not having any personal reasons.

    always confident

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