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    Earn respect, don't demand it.

    One should always earn respect instead of demanding it. People will automatically respect a person who is simple and down to earth. Your simplicity will make a person like you. If a person is in top position yet behaves in a consistent manner with everyone without taking the position in his head, he will be liked by everyone. Whereas, there are few people who demand respect from others by reminding them about who they are, what they are but having a bad attitude. Such people will not be respected by others though they pretend to talk nicely. If you demand respect, person will respect you for that moment and you should keep demanding everytime. But if you earn respect, you will always be respected even if you are far away from people.
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    I think our seasoned behavior and simplicity in living even though we have become rich and wealthy, automatically earns respect and among the people which cannot be measured with words. And what I have seen that those who are rich from the their family inheritance are behaving in polite manner and those who have earned name and fame and also some money display their arrogance and proud feelings in front of others which is really annoying. What is more important that even if a boy talks sense and gives us the knowledge, have the courage to respect and in return you are also treated with good respect.
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    It is very true that we cannot demand respect. It will be really very silly and funny if we ask someone to respect us. Until unless we behave properly with people and help them then only they will start to pass friendly gestures towards us.
    One has to lift himself up to that height in life that people automatically pay him respect by seeing his noble deeds for the humanity and Society. In the society until unless a person is outstanding in terms of his contribution to the upliftment of poor and welfare of fellow beings no one will be respecting him.
    The author has brought out a very good and thought provoking thread.

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    I totally agree with what you said that we should not demand for respect but try to earn it, its a human nature that he craves for social acceptance and respect but for that he don't need to ask anybody forcefully to respect him instead try to gain it by his works. Especially when someone achieves something in life he/she needs to be more humble and down toe earth which will help him to earn respect for the success he/she gained otherwise all his/her achievements will not be able to make him happy and contended.
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    We need to analyse why things get to a point where people expect to be respected by one and all. My observation is that when individuals hold a certain position (of power) in an organisation or in a society, the others around them, begin praising their every action. There is a kind of 'hero-worship' that takes place, where people are respected based not on their abilities, but solely for their position they are in.

    Even simple, mundane actions, of these people, receive accolades, from the onlookers, who, I think, just want to be in their 'good books'. The constant praise that is given to them goes to their head and they begin to feel that they are invincible. And it gets to the point where they begin to expect everyone to cower before them.

    True respect comes naturally, for those who deserve that respect. People in position will always be surrounded by false praises; they should not allow all of that to go to their head.

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    I don't agree with the author. It seems she is not aware of our own history. We had to fight for our respect and demanded it from the British government. Earning respect and getting respect is two different thing. You can earn respect doing chamchagiri too but actual respect comes from within. People, who respect higher authority not because they have something special on them but because they know if we make them happy, we will be rewarded. Such kind of attitude can not comes in earning respect. Powerful people are always try to pressurize other people and would never liked if anyone talks against of them. Its true one has to be liked by people and get respect but sometime you need to fight for your respect and you can not call it a bad attitude.

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    An excellent thread by the author. Respected can't be demanded it should be obtained. As long as people require some help from you, they respect you. Once you have completed their work they may remember or they may forget. Sometimes if you are not able to help them third time they forget the benefit they got from you for the first two helps. This is human psychology. As long as you are in power even though you are arrogant and put up show also people will respect you because you are in power and do harm if not help. But once you are out of that position no one will care for you.
    Irrespective of social status and position , one should be always good with people and try to help them in case of need and behave like a down to earth man , automatically people start respecting you. So always be humble and polite. Respect comes automatically. But don't be humble and polite for getting respect.
    People who born with silver spoon in their mouth will be more hifi than people who faced lot of difficulties for their existence. These people who faced difficulties will always be humble and polite.They always will be down to earth persons only. This society will respect them more.

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