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    What was wrong with my thread?

    Dear ISC,
    I raised a thread about keeping the Monkey as a pet animal at our home. It got locked and sent to delete section. While we can discuss a Deer as a pet animal, why not a Monkey as a pet animal? What was wrong with my thread? Concerned editor should explain. I really wonder ISC favouring Deer and hating Monkey.
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    Of late similar threads appearing in the forum on the subject almost related to same subjects are not patronized and hence deleted with no information to author. Before raising any thread, we must verify if any similar thread is already trending in the section.
    K Mohan
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    I don't find any wrong in the above mentioned thread which later vanished.
    Regarding monkeys, there is a saying A wise monkey knows How little he knows.
    We know that knowing ones limit is strength.

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    I have not seen your thread. Probably by the time I came on line the thread might have got rejected. However you have requested the concerned Editor to give a reason for rejection. I hope the Editor or somebody from the Editors may respond and explain the reason for the rejection. Wait and watch.
    always confident

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    If a thread is raised on one particular animal, it is inappropriate to raise a second thread on the same animal. But editors cannot stop us raising a thread to discuss a different animal. If we discuss about a different animal in a thread of another animal, it won't be nice. The response can be deleted. While discussing about deer, we should not respond with a monkey.
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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Mr SUN, your thread was rejected because there is already an active thread on the same subject under discussion. If we are to allow a thread on Monkeys as pets we might have to allow different threads on different animals as pets as well. Since the basic question is related to rearing of pets and only the character has been changed, it was decided to reject your thread. You must have noticed that we do not generally encourage offshoots from existing active threads as a matter of ethics. This point was conveyed earlier too on different occasions and may please be noted.
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    Okay Mr. Saji Ganesh,
    I will wait for the deer to become old by 10 days and inactive after 10 days, and I will give birth to a new monkey after 10 days. I think, there won't be any problem then.

    No life without Sun

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    That response though Sun. I completely agree with you. Deers are completely different from monkeys. So its appropriate according to me that you raised a thread .
    I will still try to answer you.
    Monkeys are being tamed in various states of US and also in Indonesia.
    These domestication programs are never fully successful. Monkeys and apes are just way too intelligent to remain as just pets.
    But there are species such as Capuchin, few langurs, mormosets and surprisingly gorillas make good pets.
    But monkeys and apes are known for aggressiveness. So I'd advise against keeping one as a pet.
    You can tame them, visit them annually.
    But don't keep them at your house if you value your adobe.

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    Aditya, the basic question is about rearing pets and the issue having been resolved, it was an unnecessary response from your end. This thread is being locked and the author would be at at liberty to raise a thread on the topic once the active thread is locked.
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