The Forgotten Thang Ethos

Ethos seems to have evolved in the course of years. They were not taught in formal education, but they were imprinted in the minds of people as a practical way of behavior handed down from gengeration to generation. Everyone of us was expected to know, to cultivate, to develop and practice this spirit and make it his or her way of life.

Tremendous changes took place in our society during the last few decades some for better, some for worse. One aspect of Thang social and cultural life which had almost disappeared towards the dawn of this new century is Thang Ethos. What often struck in our mind is the development/ changes in recent days but skips off what values are in extinct and contributing in decaying our reputed way of life. As such let us stepped out to reach older people to imprint in the minds of the younger generations what was once a way of life respectable by all and reduce in writing on what was the Ethos almost forgotten.

With the advent of modernity, there appears a danger in our society with the emergence of neo-middle rich class in our classless society and with the influx of economically well to do class of people from neighboring places, a self sufficient people at one time has now become a landless laborer in their own land.