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    Do alcohol or drugs are used in medicines?

    There is a huge content printed on News papers and in Headlines of Television News channels and social web sites to save the country from drugs. Are there are any types of Medicines like English medicines, Homeopathy or Ayurvedic medicines used some dosage in drugs or alcohol that is used to cure the diseases.If so, how can they permit to use the drugs or alcohols in medicines?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.

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    Drugs or narcotics for recreational use are banned, as they are addictive and very harmful. Alcohol too is considered bad as it has damaging effects on the health and one can become addicted to it.

    However, when the composition of medicines contains such substances (alcohol and narcotics) they are included in numerous clinical tests, keeping in mind the safety aspect. Such medicines come into the market only after they are tested safe and cleared by a board of experts.

    In medicine, such substances serve a specific purpose, to cure and/or provide relief from an ailment. In such case, the medication is administered in a controlled manner. The substances are not considered recreational. This is the reason the law allows the sale and use of medication that contains these substances.

    This is my understanding.

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    There are so many medicines which consists of alcohol and drugs and you can read about them on their package also some have small quantity some have more.
    And these medicines can also be used by drug addicts i.e, why you can't buy them without prescription from doctors.

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    Medicine is to cure your disease. You will take a few mg when you are sick. If you are not sick you will not take medicine. So we can't compare taking a little drug or alcohol as a part in a few mg of medicine with consuming grams of drugs and liters of alcohol. So I say comparison can't be made here.
    There are many medicines where the alcohol and /or drug is/are a part/parts of it. These medicines are to be used only under the supervision of a Doctor. No medical vendor should sell these medicines with out a qualified doctor's prescription.
    By using these medicines nobody will get addicted to those items. Even many people don't know that the medicine contains these items.
    All these drugs and alcohol are having some medicinal value. So keeping that requirement in view it is allowed using in medicines. Medicines before releasing into the market, the manufacturers will try it on various living species and FDA will approve that and then only they will be released for human use.
    In Ayurveda they use a herbal cald Nabhi ( Vatsanabha - Aconitum ferox )is a poisonous herb containing poison in it Hence we can't advise to eat Nabhi which will cause death of the individual.

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    The allopathic medicines in huge level are mixed with alcohol especially the medicines used for cough etc., for sedative purpose. One way it is good but a branded cough syrup contains a good volume of alcohol was consumed by many school boys in large quantity. Therefore the company stopped supply following a ban. Every thing is good if it is consumed in limit.

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    Though we know mainly the ill effects of alcohol from the many cases of liquor addicts , alcohol has its uses also.
    Alcohol is a universal solvent,preservative, and to some extent disinfectant. It is also an appetiser and works as mild sedative controlled mild doses. So in preparation of medicines, alcohol is used in very mild regulated quantity and concentration, to exploit ne or more of the beneficial uses of alcohol.

    This is not just the case of allopathic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines also contain 'self generated 'alcohol. Many 'arisht' or 'leha ' are prepared using jaggery, honey etc. Then they are kept waiting period for gestational purpose. During this period the mixture generates alcohol.

    However if medicines contain alcohol-either added or self generated- they are shown in the contents.

    Such medicines re made as per the guideline and controls stipulated from results of vast research. We usually take such medicines in monitored and controlled doses. So for example if a cough syrup contains say 5% alcohol then in a dose of 15 ml the alcohol content will be just 0.75 ml of alcohol. Body will not have any tolerance problem for this and it does not cause any harm and body will remove it easily.

    Not medicines, but even some common manufactured foods also contain alcohol.

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    Yes, drugs and alcohol are regularly being usedd in medicines (in allopathy and also in homeopathy-no idea about ayurvedic medicine). In fact, the word drug' also indicates medicine. In fact, today itself I have read in a news-item that Maneka Gandhi, the women and child development minister of Govt. of India, has demanded to make marijuana legal for medical needs.
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    Modern medicines manufactured by "for profit" pharmaceutical companies are always willing to do anything to keep the illness going on till one dies, and then mark it as hereditary illness so they can continue their profits. That is why they spend so much on research and clinical tests and so on. Check out for yourself, there is always medication to take for rest of life, but nothing actually cures fully. Natural medicines used in ayurveda and other natural forms are a whole lot effective, and our forefathers used them for centuries before the pharma marketing companies came around.

    Drugs are often used in modern medicine but the information is withheld or released partially. Here are some examples of manipulation.

    In the USA many years ago, the native red Indians used marijuana as a cure for several ailments including headaches. The modern (white) medicine man came up with aspirin. They used the government to ban use of marijuana and made it illegal. So the only easy medicine was aspirin which was produced in factories. Today, things are reversed in several states of USA where marijuana is available and legal, and it won't be long before it is fully legal all over the country. People found out that the banned product has many valuable solutions to ailments including for cancer. One can say marijuana is bad because it causes you to get 'high' for a short time (and no side effects); but then one gets high on pharma drugs too, and for longer term with bad side effects.

    Cough syrup generally has more alcohol content than beer. One can get booked for DUI or driving under influence if he had enough alcohol level because of this. The traffic laws in USA do not segregate the alcohol from medicine and from drinking.

    Tobacco has goodness in it; the natural stuff, not the factory produced cigarettes. Read somewhere that the paper/chemicals/filter and other ingredients that are added to the chemically treated tobacco are cancer- causing agents more than the tobacco itself.

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    Yes from my knowledge and also revealed by several doctor friends, the drugs and alcohol presence in medicines of allopathy and homeopathy is definitely there. Even some tonics and syrup have the mention of alcohol content in it. That is why those who are religiously ardent and follower of faiths does not use the English medicines due to its content and prefer to have our desi treatment. My father in law used to have only desi treatments for his any set back in the health and never ever used the English medicine. So there seems to be legal agreement in using drugs and alcohol in medicines.
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