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    Would it be a good idea to hike salary of Government employees based on their performance?

    We know that there are so many research and central government organizations in this country. There are different cadres of employees present in these Central Government organizations and their salaries are increased vastly even though there is no revenue generated from these organizations. We see in news papers that a pay review commission hikes the salaries of the Central Government Employees every quarter. Would it be a good idea if instead of increasing the salaries of all Government employees at a time, they increase the salaries based on their performances only? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    In government jobs there are no rewards for hard working. Hard working and hardly working people will be treated same. Increments and promotions will be in a uniform pattern. There is no evaluation of individual member's efficiency or output. Earlier people used to think private organisations pay well. But these days Governments are pay masters. Their salaries are very good. But nobody measure their output
    Even though some body wants to introduce the review system and performance based increments , there is no guarantee that the recommendations will go correct. Again relations between the two and other factors some into forefront. Really achiever may not get the highest.Corruption may start for giving increments also. If you see at this angle, definitely you feel that present system of rewarding is a good option.

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    It will be a good idea if the payment is based on efficiency. But in Government departments there is no machinery to measure the efficiency. Further the types of job will be varying. Even now in certain departments there is a system to measure the efficiency. It may be something like counting the number of files completed a week. However the salary will not be based on that.
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    In my opinion, this is a very good suggestion. Salary should be hiked on the basis of performance. I have seen that in many government schools, teachers don't teach in a very efficient manner. They feel like they have no reason to work hard. If they work hard, they will be getting the same wage, so why should they. Even if they don't teach anything, there is no harm to them as their job is fixed. I feel money is a very good motivator. If wage is increased on the basis of performance, there will be remarkable improvement in the government sector.
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    Though there are departmental exams for promotion and ratings for every employee, normally that is over looked and the increments in salaries are purely based on experience put in the department and some times the increase also based on the favor of immediate boss. Many of the employees does not deserve so much salary and leave alone the hike. They simply waste the time and wont attend to the given work and in fact spoil the work of other sincere employees who were about to complete their pending works. I would strongly recommend for increase of salary commensurate with the performance.
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