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    An incident might happen in real time in father and son relationship!

    As I want to write a story an incident that might happen in real time.Once there lived a father who has a habit of smoking cigar every day in the morning in his house and sips a glass of wine in every night as his son who is a teenager saw these things and imitate the same of this on his father absence.Once father unexpectedly saw this and got angry and hit with his belt as the belt was hit on the right eye of his child and the child lost his eye.Why does the father get angrier when his son was just imitating his father?Did the father knew that he was doing the wrong thing? or the Father thinks his son is not at an age of doing the same thing. or Father thinks that his son might not take the wrong path like him. Please analyze on this and respond with your answer.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Parents are the first teachers to the children. They will always learn from their parents. In their minds whatever parents does is correct. No second thought about it. No child will say that his parents are wrong.
    He has seen his father smoking and drinking. The child wanted to do his father's work in his absence. Why father should beat him with belt? It is completely a wrong doing by the father. If he thinks drinking and smoking is not good, at least he should not do those activities in the house. If he really thinks that these are bad habits he should stop that activity. But without doing that punishing the child is a offence.
    The action of the father reveals that he knows what he is doing is wrong and he don't want his son to do that. Ok . His intention may be correct. But his actions are not proper. Father needs to be punished.

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