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    Do you find these scenes nowadays in cities?

    When I was the child I used to observe near by ration dealer shop where some old people used to sit on benches or stones discuss various aspects it may be political or service matters or anything.As I really annoyed of seeing those scenes why these old people are wasting time which will not yield any fruitful results of discussing the things which are not in our hands.Why can't they can use these time to teach their grand children's? As technology gets improved day by day social websites and like discuss various aspects in the forum section. Do you find still those same scenes where old people gather at a place and discuss various matters in this modern age? Can we draw any relationship between Indiastudychannel forum and those old people gatherings...
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    Even today, we can see such people sitting in front of Tea shops and Saloons discussing various matters by holding a newspaper in hand. In villages we can see people on the Bus shelters, common places discussing like this. But according to me it is not a waste as they just sharing their views and in many places many of among them are uneducated to the level of even read the papers. They are hearing the news through others. But in the real sense we can see many of such people really knowledge gained persons. On the day of sept 11 when the twin towers of USA attacked, we were in Salem and on that night we were about to move to Chennai, I and my wife proceeded to Railway Station from house by hearing eight o clock news in TV. But to astonished level I heard the discussion in the Bus shed about the twin tower attack in the wise level by old people as if they went to US many times.

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    Why old people gather at one place and discuss issues of their importance because, there is no one lend the ears at home and the elders feel that they are neglected lot by the children and the family members. Once I had a chat with the elders sitting in the park as to why they are spending time when the house holds are busy sending the children to school and others to the office and colleges. For that they replied me that they feel they are hindrance to those process of sending them out and thus they feel happy to mingle and share something useful outside the house and after those hustle bustle activities, they can get some attention from house holds.
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    Peer groups are and were there always in one way or other, in all generations.
    The asembling, communicating and exchanging thoughts also happen andhappened. Those were the days when the social media networks or chat facility and video communication were not there. So the people of those generations used to group and meet at the temple maidan, panchayat common place or below the banyan tree-enjoying the cool and refreshing breeze.

    Similar grouping and communication happen today also. Now it happens in the virtual field or virtual maidan. Instead of the breeze people enjoy the air conditioned comfort. They mutually view via web cam. They chat in whatsapp or facebook groups.
    The elder generations feel that today's youth engage their productive time in worthless group chats and wasting their productive time. They do not know who is the neighbour, bu have hundreds of 'familiar' followers and friends thousands of miles away.
    The earlier generation groups used to be present in toto on every occasion as per necessity warrants whether good or bad happens. In sad situations they used to go to the sufferer's place and console in person with a hug or hand grasp. Today's groups do the same by sending emoticons.

    So in effect and in essence things are same then and now. Only difference as the adage goes' the scene and actors change".The drama goes in same way.

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    In villages earlier days Panchyat office used to have a radio and Mike set. When the news come in radio or programs related to agriculture comes the clerk used to switch on the system. So all village farmers used to gather there, hear news and read news paper. By that time the side tea buddy fellow used serve tea to these people they used to go on discussing various matters while sipping the tea. There were very good discussions and heated arguments also. Even today in villages people gather near a tea shop and discuss various aspects. Sometimes the way discuss and the logic they use is amazing.
    This is not waste of time but sharing of information among a group of people. There are direct discussions only, no victuals chats on those days.
    These days technology have a say in the society. As the technology developed instead of having meetings face to face or reduced but virtual meetings are goig on. Those days only known people were exchanging their views. But nowadays on social media many victuals friendships with unknown people some times leading to problems. So there is no difference.Those days village concept was there but Global village concept emerged. Anything we should use for our betterment instead of getting into unnecessary risks.

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