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    Will it comes under violation of copy rights?

    As one of my colleagues purchased Redmi smart phone as he argued that the Redmi smart phone is made in India and I said it is China's smart phone but when we flip the smart phone that it is labeled as Made in India.But when I googled it Redmi belongs to China's leading smart phone.Even though if it is manufactured in India but the technology used is Chinese.Will it come under violation of Copy rights?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    As per recent announcement of India government that those companies which manufacture and market the products with Made in India label would be well supported and received in the market by the public. For that matter every product of electronic item. house hold items. gadgets and other things are made elsewhere in the world and when the government announced the Make in India concept , the companies started assembling the units in India and thus put the label of made in India. As long as the made in India label is there it gets wide support and acceptance and there cannot be copy right violations.
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    Recently many cellphone manufacturers started assembly process in India. They make important components in their elsewhere plant and send the components to India. Here in India they will assemble ans sell it here. So it is a product made in India. As the same company is making in India also there is no problem of copy rights and patent. Recently one or two companies started assembly of cell phones near Tirupathi also. The manufacturer will get all the advantages under Maia in India scheme. If the assembly goes well and company makes some profits, they will manufacturing in India.
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