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    Vegetables and their disease curing capacity

    We many of us avoiding using vegetables in our daily routine somehow or other but we should aware about the special curing capacities in them.
    • Kidney failure can be cured by using Brinjal
    • Paralysis can be cured by using Cluster beans
    • Insomnia can be cured by using Snake Guard
    • Hernia can be cured by using Yellow Bumpkin
    • Cholesterol can be cured by using Thondaikkai (cococena)
    • Asthma can be cured by using Drumstick
    • Diabetes can be cured by using Ridge Guard
    • Arthritis can be cured by using coconut
    • Thyroid can be cured by using Lemon
    • High BP can be cured by using Bindi (ladies finger)
    • Heart failure can be cured by using green plantain
    • Cancer can be cured by using white bumpkin
    • Head ache can be cured by using radish
    • Piles can be cured by using Plantain fruits
    • Weight reduction can be availed by using Cabbage
    • Caugh can be cured by using fenugreek leaves
    • Urinary infection can be cured by Pine Apple
    • Strengthening the lever by using Guava fruits
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    Very useful and important information shared by the author. In those days our elders were not having the idea of every vegetable and fruit and its disease curing abilities. But invariably they have been growing most of the vegetables and fruits in the back yard with natural manures and thus organic food and vegetables were served to the family and guests. That is why the older people still remember their farming practices when they were young and fear to have the high breed vegetables of these seasons which are harmful to the health. Surely by following the above vegetables as daily intake we can keep the doctor away.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very informative. All know that vegetables are very good for Heath. But very few knows which vegetable for what. You have given that information very clearly. But now a days lot of fertilisers, insectides and pesticides are used for growing these vegetables. Do one should be very careful and do pretreatment before actually using. However some Organic vegetables are also coming nowadays which are very good.
    always confident

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