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    Jaane kahan gaye woh din (where are those good old days)?

    'Jaane kahan gaye woh din?' means where are those good old days?

    The constant bickering, sarcasm, taunting, ridiculing, complaints, hitting below the belt ..... has made forum a dull place. The camaraderie is missing. For me, the forum has lost its charm.

    What is the opinion of fellow ISCians about the issue?
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    Yes the forum has lost its sheen and importance and many regulars are desisting from posting and just watching the happenings in the forum. Those who contribute here are facing the axe of editors in the name of same thread already appeared some time back and no stuff in the content. If that is the case, why not the editors volunteer themselves and create some useful threads so that forum goes running. Now I invariably see very less threads appear to be responded and that too we have already discussed those subject. You can find my performance also decreasing day by day.
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    These days, the bickering, sarcasm, taunting, ridiculing, complaints, hitting below the belt have been reduced and are not much when compared with the good old past days. The loss of such things has made the forum a very dull place.
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    I will call a spade a spade. Since the day I joined ISC, I have seen that ISC Members are very gentle and helping towards new Members. However, many senior Members find heavenly pleasure by directly or indirectly ridiculing others. Furthermore, thanks to the utter failure of Forum Editors to uniformly implement the 'policy', 'bickering, sarcasm, taunting, ridiculing, complaints, hitting below the belt' have become daily phenomena.

    In spite of all these bickerings, Forum posts are still very interesting. Forum posts are most read section of ISC.

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    I started contributing to forums from last six months only. I am finding the forum section interesting. Now a days in every place some differences will always persist. As the number of people increase the differences will increase. They are natural. So the members should not give more importance to those things and should not get disturbed. They should progress with better performanec. Actually when we are in difficult situations only our mind works fast. So let us go ahead.
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    Forum is patronised with fervour and regularity by only a few members. Most other members will stay in forum for a while and start focusing on sections where they can contribute more and probably e earn more. The solid forum regulars are still participating. However not every one will have interest or say in everything. So they may actively participate and interact in those threads where they can say something. After all, creativity also may be influenced by many factors and it may not be perennial.

    Moreover, like in any matter there comes a phase where things just become flat. ISC due to its uniqueness of purpose and stand has its own limits and limitations . People are also aware of the statutory and mandatory changes happening in the legal and governmental level, and reactions from external environment also. So that limits the participation also. Many people may not be expressing as open and blunt as they were a few years ago.

    Due to the normal dynamic cycle, there may be new incomers and some may fade away also. Forum still attracts new talent and discovers new stars. But after sometime they find their area of focus and shift to other areas.

    I feel it is only a natural cycle of change happening. How we can adjust and accommodate is individual variations.

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