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    Are we getting deceived by the mention of Heavenly Abode on the hearse van ?

    After death every one wants to go to the heaven and no one likes the hell as much has been gone through in this world and they want total eternal peace and wish to go the heaven. This weakness has been well understood by those hearse van service providers who have written a caption on their van that it takes the dead body to Heavenly abode. We know that is not physically possible and for we all sinned and not eligible for heaven even. Just for our satisfaction the so called hearse van takes the dead body up to the grave yard for last cremations. I feel that is purely a deceiving tactic.

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    I don't think it is deceiving. It is only positive thinking. One should be always optimistic. So the service provider is really a good business man. All the relatives of the dead will want the person to go to heaven but not hell. If the service provider writes on the Van that takes dead body to hell, no one will call him and give business. Whether the died person goes to hell or heaven is not known to anybody. So all will expect to reach heaven. The van take the body to the burial ground and afterwards there is no responsibility to the service provider. So I think we can't say it is deceiving but it is a business tactics.
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