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    Different Methods of Teaching

    There are different methods of teaching- the classroom teaching; teaching with the help of diagrams, teaching with suitable examples, one to one teaching (as in the case of home tuition) and so on. Which one of these teaching methods is the best method allowing the learner to grasp a thing quickly and clearly?

    The question came to my mind when I had been trying desperately to learn the method of creating a direct link. I am comfortable with the use of computer but not with its technical languages like HTML Codes.

    I raised a thread on the subject and many members came forward to help me out. Though I had tried a lot but unfortunately, the coding language was quite Greek to me and I could not make out any head or tail it

    Just then I got a personal message from one of the members explaining, step by step, the procedure to apply the code. Now the thing was like a cake-walk for me and I could complete it with ease.

    My question is which of the above method should be applied to teach a poor learner like me; and there are many others like me, I presume.
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    This question is like asking which type of medicine is better to cure our disease. There are tablets, capsules, mixtures, syrup, injections, inhalation and external applications. Even in tablets some have to be chewed, some have to be dissolved and taken, some swallowed straight. Then there are sublingual (to be kept under tongue ) and suppositories.

    The most suitable method is selected depending on the urgency,the nature and location of the illness, state of the patient, stability of the ingredients of the medicine etc.
    The doses are chosen depending on whether it is pediatric, convalescent or therapeutic.
    It simply means that one formula does not fit all.

    The traditional verse about learning is :

    "Aacharyaat padam aadathe, paadam shishya swamedhaya;
    Padam sabrahmacharibhyah, pasdm kaala kramena cha.

    That is, if learning can be divided into four quarters, then one quarter is learned from teachers, one quarter learned by the student himself, one quarter from peers and friends and one quarter only by time i.e age and experience.

    So we can understand how teaching also can happen and who can be our teachers. Actually it goes down that virtually everyone and everything can teach us something.

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    What I feel that which type of teaching suits to which type of student is the vast subject and that cannot be singled out or generalized. It is not possible for a teacher to have one to one teaching with the student. And also it is not possible for a teacher to explain everything through a diagram or images. What I feel that there is nothing like personal touch from the teacher. That is having the class room teaching with immense examples cited from various sources. If a teacher has the ability to teach any subject with so many natural examples, the students would understand the subject very well and connect to the topic instantly. That is the reason being so some students were so much involved and interested with some teachers who happens to teach them to their understanding level and does not want to miss even single class.
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    Teaching is an art. All people are not good at teaching. A good teacher is a teacher who understands the level of the student and teach them by going down to their level. Basically it depends more on the attitude of the student also.
    In good olden days students used to go to the teachers Ashram and do service to the Guru. Once the Guru is happy with the student then he will teach the boy. If he is not happy he was sending them out. Those days students used to go to the guru and stay with him. They used to go to one house in the village for food one day in a week. Like that they used to go 7 days to 7 different houses for food. "Shraddhavan Labhate Gyanam". People who have interest and concentration only can get education. A good teacher and a good student join together they need not worry about the teaching method. Whatever may be the method the student will get knowledge.

    always confident

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