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    Do you worry about sudden disappearance of active forum members?

    Some members occasionally come and go out the forum for sometime. So, we won't be much bothered about them as we get used to their occasional presence. But if an active member of the forum suddenly disappears, do you worry about him/her? This I have raised because, after I returned to the forum recently, I am not able to find a very active forum member, Mr. Kailash Kumar.
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    Yes I do agree with the author that the active member Kailash Kumar who was leading contributor for this site in every section has discontinued for the personal reasons and he is not coming again. He proved to be a formidable competitor to every top performer and he was inclusive in every section participation. I too feel that if the regulars keep away from the site, the forum looses its sheen. Nevertheless, ISC is not asking us to quit or slow down. It all depends on the members concerned as regards to their availability of free time and also feeds to share here. I wish Kailash rejoins again.
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    Nowadays Mr. Kailash Kumar is active on Quora.
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    Thank you Partha sir for sharing the information. Let us hope for the return of Mr. Kailash Kumar to ISC very soon.

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    Very active members of ISC should not remain absent or vanish from the site. Even if they are engaged and busy with other sites, they should peep in and say hello to the ISCian once in a while. Out of 24 hrs(1440 minutes) of a day, can't they spare a simple 1 or 2 minutes to login ISC and say hello to the past good friends. They cannot be that busy to ignore ISC. ISC is not going to ask them any fees if they look back and say hello to all. Kailash Kumar may be busy in Quora or elsewhere, but he has forgotten the site. This was not expected from an old man like KailashKumar.

    At times I do remember the past active members of ISC.

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    Yes, Kailash Kumar is a very active participant in all the sections of this Website.Bhuvaneshwar Kumar Nalla raised a good thread. I think Kailash must return to this site and give his valuable suggestion and his thoughts....
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    A very good observation. If a member is very active in ISC we will definitely see his absence with curiosity and surprise.

    It is the human psychology that if we have become habitual of seeing a particular thing or a particular person at a particular place then its absence immediately draws our attention.

    Now a days there are many interesting sites which provide lot of creative avenues for people having varied interest. Depending upon ones aptitude one will be more active in a particular site.

    There are many people who like to work in ISC because of its variety of sections. you can choose one that matches your interests here.

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    Active members becoming inactive all of a sudden and vanishing will be felt by other members. It is like a family member because of job somewhere outside leaving the family and staying in farther place. But if we treat ISC also as a family. the person vanished should come at least once a month or so and say hello. Then members will not forget and will not feel bad.
    People may be busy with other works on other sites or other places, but they will make a point to visit their place for festivals and functions. Same way the left members may visit this site occasionally.

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    There are many sections in ISC, where lot of people are active and we hardly know about them. But I feel Forum is the only section, which creates a bonding among us.

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    Yes, our member Mr. Kailash Kumar is busy in working in Quora website. That is his interest and we cannot pressurize him to come over here.

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