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    Recollecting happy moments of childhood days.

    All of us carry with us some sweet memories of our childhood days. It may be related to anything from being praised for an achievement to getting a special gift or so. Sharing such memories can help us in going back to those good olden days of innocence and happiness. Join in if you agree.

    Most of us would have experienced certain happy moments during our childhood days. Shall we share some? I too had some such experiences.
    A particular one coming to my mind is regarding a published matter. While I was a High school student I used to read three Malayalam weeklies regularly. In these weeklies they used to have a children's section carrying stories, poems etc. written by school going children. This encouraged me to pen down something of my own. Poems and short stories were tried. After a few attempts I decided to send one short story to a weekly and a poem to another. After a month or so the short story appeared in children's section of a Weekly (Janayugam). I was so happy to see my name in the print format. I took the publication to my brothers and parents with much happiness.

    Almost a similar feeling was there for me when I saw my first research article seen published in "Current Science" the journal of Indian Institute of Science.
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    I have a similar memory of achieving something. I was in 8th standard and then prizes were given to the class topper and to every subject topper as well. The anchor started announcing the names. When it came to my class, I got 6 out of 7 prizes. I brought the momentoes home in a plastic bag and showed it to my parents who were very glad to see them. Of course, those prizes don't matter much now but as a 13 year old, that feeling was priceless.
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    Recollecting moments during school life is always exiting. When ever I happen to go through my school area and see the board, immediately I recollect my glorious past with lots of friends who used to enjoy the life with no limits. Teasing, playing and even coming first in studies. Mind it I was studying in government school and the competition between the toppers were immense. But what I enjoyed is the appearing on stage for the purpose of rendering National anthem and pledge to which no student would volunteer because of stage fear. But myself and one more friend by name Surya Rao used to adorn the stage to do the needful. We were also pet with almost all the teachers and they used to take special attention with us and that angered other students. Even we are absent , we are taught the lost lesson the next day.
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    Very nice post. It is common when we are free and sit for a moment and relax our mind will take us into the old memories. Everybody will have very good moments and some bad times also. We will remember both. I also had lot of such childhood memories which makes me happy and some memories make me sorrow also. However I will try to share my happiest moments.
    During our high school days every academic year we used to celebrate school annual day. On that day children would be coming to school and participate in some competitions and the evening function would be happening with all the parents in the school. After the function prize distribution would be be there. Mono actions, dramas and dances were being performed on the stage. I had participated in mono action and everybody received it well. After all the programmes are completed prize distribution started. I got school first in 8th class and I received a medal for that. I got first prize for my mono action. I got second prize in essay writing and also in elocution. In total I got 4 prizes and my happiness was knew no bounds. A very very memorable day. I felt very much proud to receive those awards in presence of all my village elders and my parents also were very happy for that.

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