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    Why this dangerous fad for selfies?

    Taking selfies and posting them on social networks has become a fashion. But why do people choose to click selfies in dangerous situations and risk their lives? What is the psychology behind selfies? Is it connected to narcissism? It is a topic that need to be discussed seriously. Please join in with your views and comments.

    Last week, a young man in Bihar was trying to take a selfie with a poisonous snake. He had earlier requested a snake-charmer to hand over a snake for this purpose. Despite strong protest from the snake-charmer, the young man tried to take a selfie. However, just before clicking the camera of his mobile, the snake bit him on his hand. The man could not take the selfie. Instead, he had to be taken to a hospital. After 72 hours of ding-dong battle with death, the man somehow survived.

    From a news-item, I have come to know that every year around sixty people die at the time of taking selfies in various dangerous manners/poses. I don't understand the mentality of these people. Do they think people will consider them heroes (and also heroines) if they click dangerous selfies? Isn't it a childish trend devoid of minimum common sense?

    Why is this dangerous fad increasing day by day? How can this dangerous tendency be checked?
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    The author has rightly mentioned the happenings around us and many people are losing their precious lives in the garb of taking selfies and going in to the jaws of death. The other day I saw group of students who went to a dam and took the selfie in group amid flowing of water in the back ground. As they were so exited with the gushing water from behind, they could not control their balance and one after other fell into the river. However the alert swimmers stationed there for rescue were able to save them, otherwise all might have dead. Selfie mania has no bounds and even elders are culprits.
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    This dangerous trend is being noticed not only in India, but in various part of the world. Some days ago, there was a news-item from a European country (I have forgotten the exact country) where a person was mauled by a tiger when he attempted to take a selfie with the tiger in the zoo.
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    It has become a mania for majority of the people especially youth. They don't know the value of their lives or they don't bother, I fail to understand. This habit is spreading like wildfire and people are unnecessarily taking risks and losing their lives. Really a Pitty. I am finding this more in school going students and college going students. At that teen age I think they feel themselves as special than all others and want to do something to get noticed by all.. Immature thinking. They are losing their lives.
    Some young people while driving the bikes also trying to take selfies that to in crowded area. I have seen One boy going on a bike trying for a selfie while driving, lost control and get his leg fractured. I feel terrible when I happened to see this type of accidents. For no reason he has to suffer for almost three months. This is crazy.

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    A thought provoking thread. I am really very much surprised and to my wits end what is this all about.

    If you remember in old times a photograph was taken by a person and everyone in the photograph was alert and up to date. Now in selfie a person takes it with lot of inconvenience and tries to accommodate all the people. Does it require so much efforts for taking a picture?

    I think it is a trend and very popular specially in young generation. Fashion and trends - these are the two things which come like storm and engulf everything and even the most logical and rational people surrender to it.

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    The selfie mania is a continuation of individuals' liking of seeing himself ( herself) in photo. When others are not taking photo in a particular situation he/she takes it as a selfie. It is a human psychology that one is attracted to one's own photograph. As an example suppose one goes through the pages of a marriage album, he/ she looks into the pages where self photo is present. This Psychology works behind selfie also.
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    Taking a selfie, even after knowing the danger, is an attempt to commit suicide with no intention to suicide. Taking selfie is a good culture, but one should not go to that extent to face dangers knowingly or unknowingly.

    We can't have a check on selfie taking. It is a culture formed and spread like cancer. No remedy to cure this chronic selfie disease.

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