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    Members may kindly clear my doubt

    There are so many words in English like this. Ant-eater, prevarication, metaphysics, parasychology, para-gliding, waterlogging, re-introduction, post-script, etc. The list is endless.

    Yes, I am talking about those English words which are combinations of two words, or those words which become different words by prefixing 'meta', 'para', 're', 'post', etc. I would like to know whether it is absolutely necessary to use 'hyphen' in such words. As for example, should we write 'waterlogging' or 'water-logging'? Which one is correct: 'pre-varication' or 'prevarication'?

    Is there any standard rule of using hyphen in case of such English words? Members may kindly clear my doubt.
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    Generally hyphen is used to give a joining confirmation for the two words so that we take them equivalent to one. This was used in english by many authors frequently and still in use.

    The use of this hyphen is slowly fading as people are joining words rather to put a hyphen. Let us get the opinion of members on this and meanwhile if I get more information I will come back with that.

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    Nowadays hyphen usage is becoming obsolete. The two words made into one word and used. So there is a lot of confusion is there. Some are using the word without hyphen and some are using with hyphen. Both are accepted as correct. Specifically I don't find a reason to removing hyphen except for convenience.
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    I humbly request other Members to indicate their opinion on this hyphen-related issue.
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