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    What are the advantages and disadvantages fried food items over cooked food items?

    Not only children even old aged persons are also fond of eating fried vegetables or fried food items because of the crispy and good tastes. When we use oils there are a lot of fatty acids present in that.If the vegetable is a potato than a lot of carbohydrates are present in that so lots of cholesterol present in that. Did you find any advantages of eating fried vegetable or food items than cooked vegetable items? As the time taken to cook a vegetable or fried food items is easy and fast other than that can you find any advantage of eating fried food items over cooked items? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Fried items are no good compared to cooked vegetables. For making fries we use lot of oil which will have high fatty acids which will give lot of fat to the body. So it is better not to eat fried vegetables or any fried items. Generally vegetables to be boiled then some salt, onion and a little mirchi can be added. These curries are better than same vegetable fried item. I don't see any advantage in consuming fried food than normal food. It is also not advisable to take carbohydrates more. They will not give you much energy but increase your bodyweight.
    I don't think making a fry will consume less time. If you want to have a crispy vegetable fry, you have to fry it with more oil and slowly by keeping the flame in sim and go on mixing. In fact making a fry requires personal attention whereas cooking can be done in a cooker, where your personal attention required is very less.

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