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    Centre planned to remove full subsidy on LPG cylinder on month wise basis

    Central government planned to subsidy on LPG cylinder completely on month wise basis. Every month Rs.4 subsidy will be removed till all subsidy given to LPG reached. Government from the past it is collecting higher prices on petro products than the international price index. Now it is trying to remove all the subsidy to everyone from very rich to very poor. In India families with a monthly income of Rs.7000 to Rs.10000 are there and how they are able to afford to such high cost on LPG every month. Central government is always trying to squeeze as much money as possible by cutting down subsidies and increasing taxes. Then what is the meaning of welfare State. Folks do you oppose or welcome this move by Central government?
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    It was on the expected lines. When the oil companies are given free hand to decide daily pricing of petrol and diesel, how can the government say no to the gas cylinders through which much subsidy is being borne by the government. Slowly all the subsidy would be withdrawn phase wise and every would be paying full cost for the full cylinder. And also the cap on using number of cylinders per month would go. That means even the LPG domestic cylinder can be used for commercial purpose if one has the capacity to purchase two or more cylinders per month. This was expected by common man.
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    Yes. Subsidy on LPG is being stopped by this financial year end. Every month they want to decrease the subsidy by Rs.4/-. Time and again Government is making it clear to all that the subsidy on all items will be withdrawn. This move is also a part in that direction.They say they will supply the cylinders as we require. All the tax payers money was going out earlier days in the form of subsidies. But actually how much % of money is reaching the hands of needy is not known. If slowly subsidies are reduced, Government will have some surplus money for taking up development activities so that employment potential of the country will increase and people will have avenues to earn and they can create wealth by working. It is always advisable to show a path to ean rather than giving free money for sometime. One way I feel this step of removing subsidies is a good step for the development of the country. But poor people may have some impact on their expenses and that may create some negativity about the Government in the public. But definitely government is planning on long term benefits and development of the Nation. All should cooperate.
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    Removal of subsidies will affect mainly the middle and lower middle class people. Their monthly budget will have to be recast by reducing something in the long run.
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    The subsidies are good if their benefit is going to the targetted population. Otherwise there is a big misuse of these Govt supported schemes.

    For example some time back ration card was very much in use and people misused it in full swing. There was no way to verify whether the names in ration cards are still there or they have shifted to other place. It was not having computer back up or computerized data to catch the defaulting people.

    With the success of Aadhar verifications Govt will be soon catching the people misusing any Govt scheme.

    Once BPL (below poverty line) card is also mapped in Aadhar system then fake or non BPL entities will also be singled out.

    Through computerisation only these things can be governed properly. Decreasing subsidies slowly will eventually remove this evil thing from the system which is a welcome move. For some time the poor may also be affected by this move but in long run when the cheaters and frauds will be removed from the list of beneficiaries the poor will be benefitted ultimately.

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