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    Govt vs Private employee who is better in salary?

    Govt vs Private employee who is better in salary? Govt. Employee getting benefit of 7th or 6th pay commission do you think still private employee getting more salary that Govt. Employee.

    Do you think pay commission rule should be same for Govt. and Private employee?
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    After the pay revision the salary of government servants has increased substantially.

    If we look at the current lower and middle class services of Govt servants, they are getting more than what their counterparts are getting in private sector.

    At higher level or top level people are getting very good salary in private sector but these are few in numbers and to that extent they are getting more than their counterparts in government sector.

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    Only very few sectors like IT sectors for higher posts are getting more pay than in government sectors. For this high pay they extract maximum work from them
    But many private managed organisations pay very less salary and extract maximum possible work from them. For example in A.P. and Telangana big private school organisations for a meager pay of Rs.4000 to Rs. 9000 per month they work them very hard. For the same in government organisations teachers will get Rs.35,000 to Rs.60,000. Now many interested to work in government organisations as there is lot of security for them.

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    Nowadays government jobs are very good. Thy are paying very good salaries and pressure of work will be less.
    Coming to private jobs, there are big private companies, small companies and medium companies. The salary structure in these organisations are not uniform. In MNCs you may be getting very good salaries even more than government job. But other private companies pay less than government salary. I know in Hyderabad there are some private companies paying just Rs.10000/- to a fresh B.Tech. If the same B.Tech persons joins in a MNC he may be getting Rs.45000/- to Rs. 50000/-. Government may also pay around 40,000/- to a fresh B.Tech. All depends on the policy of the company. Bringing in uniformity in private sector is not possible. Some industries may not exist if we insist for higher salaries from small companies also, the companies may not afford and viability may be a doubt.
    One good thing is Government is not insisting for reservations in private sector also. If it happens chances of getting these jobs also will be rare for general category candidates.

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