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    Is India's Lion shares revenue will come from natural resources?

    The natural resource is the most and main source of revenue generated for India.Natural resources like minerals or substances occurring in nature which is the most economical source for this Country.As India will export the raw materials to other countries and get money from them.There are many disputes that raised between government and people who are living in the forest(tribal people) because the government wants to take the minerals from the forest as the forest people(tribals) are opposing that.Do you agree that Indias Lion shares revenue will come from natural resources?....
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    India is having many natural resources. That is true. Lot of mining activity is in progress. We are getting lot of money from coal mining. India is one of the countries which are having good natural resources. But unfortunately some of the raw materials which can be processed to good valuable material also being exported due non availability of technology or not interested in setting up the facility. Because of this we are supplying a low value item that is raw material and we are importing high value material which is processes outside.
    With foreign collaboration government may take up those works also in India which will improve our revenue further.

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    It is given in the wikipedia url of economy of india. GDP wise and sector wise report.
    Agriculture: 16.5%
    Industry: 29.8%
    Services: 45.4% (2016 est.)

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    Most of the South Asian Countries(especially India ) revenue primarily depends upon Natural resources.

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    If you think from natural resources perspective. Possibly you are saying correct. Agriculture depends on land, Industry depends on natural raw material and services may be as well.

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    @Rahul. Agriculture is the most revenue generated sector of all sectors that is why Agriculture is the rice bowl of this countr...Agriculture is still the only largest contributor to India's GDP even after a decline in the same in the agriculture share of India. Agriculture also plays a significant role in the growth of the socioeconomic sector in India.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Out of total labour force 513.7 million (2016 est.). Approx half of them dependent on Agriculture.

    Labour force by occupation
    Agriculture: 47%
    Industry: 22%
    Services: 31% (FY 2014 est.)

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    India''s revenue is generated from Agriculture, Manufacturing and Service sectors in that order. However, every year, the contribution of Agriculture sector is decreasing and Service sector is increasing. There is no doubt that in another 20 years, the Service sector will surpass other sectors in revenue generation in India. That is the characetristic of developed country.
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