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    Village women solved their water problem by digging wells themselves.

    Water is becoming scarce everywhere especially during summer. In several places people wait in queue for the arrival of tankers carrying water. But there are several villages where this facility is not available. Pookottukavu village in Palakkad district of Kerala is such a place. These people knew that digging borewells mechanically will affect the underground storage and adversely affect future availability of water. Hence digging wells was the only choice for them.

    Hence the women force joined together and took up the work of digging wells under the MNREGS. They could dig 190 wells and some ponds within one year. Thus the rain water were stored in these wells and ponds. This news attracted people from other villages and are being taken up by some, already.
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    It is really a great achievement by the ladies. Digging so many wells and ponds in a year is to be praised by all means.
    After reading your post I remembered a proverb. The meaning of that proverb is Unity brings in strength.
    An individual grass piece is of no use. By using the same grass pieces if you make a strong rope , you can even tie and keep an elephant without moving. Another proverb says. an ant will never dare to go near a snake but the same snake will die when a group of ants attack it. This is proved by the performance of these ladies. Well done.

    always confident

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    This incident proves that Indian ladies can do wonders. In India crores of ladies do extremely hard labour in their family without even taking break for a single day years after years. They endure all types of hardship without even a murmur of protest. The Indian family system survives because of Indian women.

    It is heartening to note that these great ladies from Palakkad district of " God's own country" have solved the water-problem by digging wells under MNREGA.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Shame on the part of state governments, district administration and Village Panchayats, who never got this great idea. Women has shown their strength and courage and their goodness was even gifted by the God with rain and they could store the water in the wells thus dug up. Over the years the Kerala government was spending huge money on survey and feasibility of bringing water source to the villages but never came with the idea of digging big wells which resulted in getting more water accumulated during rainy seasons. My hearty congrats to all those women who were great inspiration to all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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