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    Need Guidance to improve my content at ISC.

    My past two threads got no response from anyone.
    1. Must Growth be our only Goal in India?
    2.Can India still depend on cultural links to past to have sphere of influence.? Also I note in most threads where I debate there seems to be no responses after my response. Is this normal? Friends, go through my post and inform where I need improvement. Vandana Mam has requested me to not use short forms (SMS language) and I complied with. But then Where I am missing in the big picture. I am open to suggestions for improvement. Am I debating relevant? Because members must have gone through my responses and most were detailed with research. So suggestions will help me in researching the right areas in future. It will save my time too and help me a lot.
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    Actually contents length matter for searching on google and its strong point to take care. If your posted contents are not considered for google search then there is no meaning for posting.

    Big contents with good quality will get good index status on google search . Here you will learn Search engine optimization also. SEO learning is big task if you are expert then you are a rich man.

    Grammar should also correct and take care about spelling mistakes also. I am also not good in English but I tried to post correct things.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Today only I have gone through your posts. I have shared my thoughts also. I find your threads good only. You can continue writing in similar fashion. But what I want to suggest is take a little easy subjects and try to put it in simple english language avoiding mistakes to the maximum possible extent. Once you have typed the complete matter give a read once again but word to word a little slowly. Once you are sure there are no mistakes post it. After posting I advise you to go through the content once again and if necessary you can edit the matter.
    You have given quite descriptive matter in sentences. I have not noticed any mistakes. I feel the subject is also good. Go ahead , Use small and simple sentences. Select a easy topic till you get a little confidence. All the best to you.

    always confident

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    Gokul, don't worry. You are doing fine. One need not judge a thread by the number of responses it receives. While threads on some general topics are likely to receive quick responses, those which deal with more specific or serious issues may take some time to be responded to. So, keep going the same way.

    I suggest that you keep posting contents on topics that interest you and let responses come on their own. Just remember to be receptive to suggestions and correct your mistakes as and when brought to your notice. The point regarding revising your draft before submission as said by Dr Rao in his response above is very important because it helps in detecting mistakes and correcting them. Quality contents without any (or at the most, with the least possible) mistakes should be your aim. All the best!

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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    Mr. Aravind: I have checked your thread right now and find the content is of very high quality. In this connection,m I would like to remind that the actual life of a Forum thread is very short. Although a thread remains alive for ten days, actually responses come only during first one or two days. Thereafter, new thread comes and attention is shifted to new threads. If you raise a Forum thread at a time when very few Members are online, your thread may not get any response. At the same time, if the thread is of very high quality or relating to a very different topic, members like me may not respond to it.

    So, don't get disheartened. Go on posting quality threads.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I appreciate the author for seeking guidance to improve his performance in content writing. Surely everyone of us would certainly do so. But sometimes the thread what we have raised will go the back pages and the current member who is on line may not have referred your thread and hence not responded. By the way not all members have the knack and necessity to respond to each and every thread appearing here. As far as as possible I wont leave any thread unattended. Do not worry about response and replies to your thread. It shall happen in the routine way and you may keep tab on them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you friends. I just wanted to know whether I am raising relevant issues and in right manner. Because I had a feeling like I am raising issues which may be not relevant in an Educational site. I am still new to the site and hence asked a question like this to know about. It may be silly to many of you but the intent was to get to know whether I am going right. I value your suggestions and will try by best to correct my mistakes. Thank you all again.

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    Your this thread has got so much response which many other threads do not get. Please keep on the good work.

    I will suggest you to use simple English in the beginning and slowly add more ingredients to it to make it full of punches.
    Remember the old saying - slowly and steadily wins the race.

    ISC is a place where you can talk anything in your own language. Here copy paste is totally not acceptable. What ISC encourages is you read something and gain knowledge about it and then absorb it in your mind and then produce it here in your language. This way you are continuously in an environment of learning.

    In fact if you extend the above process more you will able to produce articles which are well remunerated here.

    So be steady and work along. Good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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