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    What do you mean by a moral victory. Is it a victory or not?

    Many of occasions we hear or see this word moral victory and especially when seeing in Cricket commentators like Sunil Gavaskar used to utter this word.When the bowler bowls good balls in his over but he unable to get him out as he will tell it is a moral victory for the bowler or even if somebody draws the match then also he uses the same word moral victory?How can we differentiate a moral victory to a victory?If a person gets upper hand on others without dismissing him can we treat as a Victory? Is moral victory a victory or not?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    When you are facing a strong opponent, all people will think that you will lose and the other person will win and it will be a cakewalk for the opponent. When the actual game starts you may be able to win it. It is a surprise win and won by underdogs. But you have given a very tough fight stood almost in the game till the last moment and the opponent starts worrying and finally by a small margin if the other person wins, people will start saying he won but the moral victory to you only. As you have brought him almost to the face of defeat morally you have won the game. This is how they use that word. In fact real victory is different from victory.
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    As far what I understand from the meaning of moral victory is that we have almost achieved the win win situation but just missed the chance. The classic example was the ICC Women cricket match in which Indian eves lost to England after giving formidable challenge. Likewise in other men's cricket too we have almost won in many occasions but the situation forced the other team to win. In politics too some candidates put greater fight to the leaders and they win with thinner margin. There are occasions when a MLA has won the seat with 290 extra votes. In fact the second person who nearly came to this score has morally won.
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