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    How to know whether a Rakhi is Chinese or Indian made?

    Few days back, I have seen one forum thread asking our members to ban Chinese Rakhis this year and most of the members responded positively saying that they will buy Indian Rakhis only. Even though I thought of buying Indian Rakhis, I and many more like me, got a simple doubt as to how to know whether a Rakhi is Chinese made or Indian made. Are there any special features in Chinese Rakhis so that we can clearly distinguish them from Indian Rakhis?
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    Surely there are differences between the Chinese and Indian made rakhis. What I could differentiate that the threads used by our rakhis are different and their threads are different. Moreover the detailing of Rakhi of Indian make has definite pattern and Chinese does not have the pattern as more plastic kind of items are used in the middle. The rakhis from Chinese looks like a kind of toy and not the rakhi. That feeling can be achieved by the seasoned buyer who has the experience of purchasing rakhis in bulk. Normally the traders are fearing back lash from public and they are not selling the Chinese rakhis in public.
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    It is difficult to differentiate between Indian and Chinese Rakhi as there are no clear labels on them for that. The idea I have says that Rakhi having plastic toy with lighting or music or anything like that is mostly from china but again it is possible that Indian Rakhi can also have same pattern for design. These types of toy based Rakhis are in demand as kids love them.
    Without proper knowledge we cannot identify the Chinese rakhi.


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    My question is - Should the females spend money to buy a thing called Rakhi from the local India or China to tie it on the wrists of their beloved brothers to show their love and affection and grab some cash. Can't the ladies and girls improvise a Rakhi of their own desired design and tie it. What is required is to show the symbol of their love and affection towards their brothers.

    Rakhi tying is a northern culture, and the south doesn't have it. Hence I cannot differentiate a Chinese made Rakhi and an Indian made Rakhi.

    Not to worry about the China or Indian made Rakhi, I sincerely suggest that Rakhi should be of good arrangement of fresh flowers like the garlands. Afterall, the Rakhi tied in hands remains for few hours or a day or two only. Give a good thought to it.

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    Chinese rakhis are cheaper and these rakhis don't have any intricate design. The packets containing rakhis also indicate where these are produced.
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    It seems difficult to differentiate but if we compare we may find some subtle differences in the patterns. As this time many people are explicitly telling in open public and in market that they will not purchase Chinese rakhis so some keepers are only selling the local ones.
    I think we have to believe the shopkeeper in this matter.

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    It is not very easy to differentiate these rakhis. But the rakhis with a theme of our culture are the best . If you see the RSS members perform Rakshabandhan on the same day. They use Rakhis made of thread and in the centre with a flower made of thread. They are quite cheap and made in India only. Rakhis are to show the affection between brothers and sisters. It is important to tie a rakhi. If somebody purchases a rakhi of high cost it is not an indication of more affection. We can purchase rakhis of this type having symbols of swastik or flowers in the centre. They are definitely from India only.
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