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    Why our PM Mr.Modi do not participate and interact much in press conferences?

    In the past our various PM's like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, PV Narasimha Rao, Man Mohan Singh used to have regular Press conferences. Various National and International reporters used to ask various questions on National, International and regional problems and used to get the thinking of the ruling party in dealing and solving those problems. People also able to know how the ruling party is giving importance to their problems. Even some CM's present in generation also arranging press conferences or meeting frequently with people to send messages into public the way they are dealing with the problems. Manki Bath, using twitter by PM will help only in one way interaction with people. But Press conference or direct meet with people will allow two way interaction. Large masses of people have limited access to social media. Then why our PM is not interested in two way interaction with people?
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    I do not think our PM Modi need a press conference or a informal press meet with the media. He is technical savvy person having instant rapport with his followers and well wishers over social media. Even a small mention from his cell phone is reaching crores of people with likes and comments. That may not have been possible even by the so called print and electronic media. Moreover his Mann Ki Baath on radio is the sort of attachment with the people where in his reach is more even to the remote areas. People feel that they are in touch with the PM on daily basis and thus no Press conference needed.
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    I don't think our dear Prime Minister Modi should call for or attend any press conference and press meet, face television interview etc. He is very active and busy in dealing with the country's problem. Press conference won't help him.The media persons are negative oriented and will always try to bring out the wrong doings of the government. They will never appreciate the good efforts put in by our government. No. It is not good for Modi.
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    The answer is quite simple; he doesn't have convincing answers! One who is confident about what he is doing will have answers for all the questions, but what about one who is not sure? 'Mann ki baat' and things like that are one sided where you don't have to respond to questions; one can be happy that he has put forward his ideas. But when it comes to meeting the media or the public as such, he would have to respond to many questions with which he may not be comfortable. Otherwise why is our PM who is keen on hugging leaders across the world was (remember?) conserved about wearing a Prayer cap? Did he receive the same hug between Obama and Trump?(Just watch the videos and feel the difference). Mr Prime Minister is too wise (shrewd) but is quite ignorant about how he should deal with national and international politics.
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    Modi is very open and outspoken. He is making everything open through social media and even emails to all public and my government apps. Anyone can see these posts and read the content in the app. Even we are getting tweets from PM as well as other ministers. Another initiative he has taken is mankibaat on radio. Here he is discussing many items openly. As such I feel separate reporters meet or press conferences may not be required. Even though he is not talking but his actions will speak. Generally they say only empty pot will make more sound. So only people who are not doing has to arrange and discuss to cover up their failures. But a performer need not separately talk. Their actions will speak. Another saying is empty leaf will only fly whereas leaf full of food will not fly.
    So I feel he is justified in not attending press meets or press conferences.

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    Since 2001, people of India have seen this visceral hatred of the left-leaning 'sicu-libu' media against Modi. People have no trust on this partisan media. They depend more on social media for news. Modi also has no love for the media which work against him. His popularity or success does not depend upon this media, unlike that of Manmohan Singh.

    So he doesn't attend any press conference.

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