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    Who are better in your opinion- Extroverts or Introverts?

    Extroverts are those persons who can express their inner feeling without hiding any thing in their mind where as introverts they don't reveal and express their inner feelings and hide everything inside their mind. Both Extroverts and Introverts have their own advantages and disadvantages. After balancing the advantages and disadvantages to which persons you vote? Give your suitable reasons in support for your answer.
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    There are setbacks being extrovert and Introvert. By extrovert people tend to have free and frank discussions with others and even the strangers and unknown persons and thus have every chance of being indulging in loose talks or even saying the secrets known to him to others. By introvert the person wont open up and by keeping the information to his chest, sometimes he feels like heavy on his mind and that could change his behavior strangely. That is the reason many people loose their mental balance and behave like extra ordinary person. Therefore one should be normal person.
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    As an introvert I am always astonsihed when the extroverts talk in an enchanting manner and attract the attention of all. Like all introverts, I take pity on myself because of my inability to join a lively conversation.
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