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    Are most of the Indian movies plots are taken from English novels and Hollywood movies?

    The two most important entertainments of this country one are Cricket and other is Movie.There is a gossip most of the Indian movie directors fetch the story or theme from English novels and Hollywood movies and add some nativity according to the region and show it on the silver screen.Even the most recent sensational flick Bahubali director Rajamouli accepted that he took the help of Foreign directors and copied some scenes from Hollywood movies.Do you think that most of the Indian movies stories or story lines or themes are taken from English novels and Hollywood movies?.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    My answer is 'No'. In Bengali cinema, the most successful movies are those which are based upon the stories written by Bengali writers. Same is true for other regional cinemas also. So far as Hindi movies are concerned, the films which copy the foreign-made films are not included in the long-time popularity chart, although some of such films may be popular for a short period. As for example, the Hindi film 'Jaljala' released in early nineties is almost a carbon-copy of famous Hollywood film 'Mackenna's Gold', and was released in India much before the Hollywood movie was released. Even then, 'Jaljala' was super-flop but Mackenna's Gold', when released in India much later, was a superhit.
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    Even story lines are taken from Hollywood movies or English Novels.If not copy scene by scene...
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    Indian Cinema has not developed to the range of Hollywood and now our directors are vying with each other to make films as per International standards and accepted by foreign audience. In that process taking cue from Hollywood and taking help from their technical teams are bound to happen. We cannot tell it as copy and act but an inspiration from Hollywood making of films. Nevertheless our directors are well versed to create Hollywood theme and stories to Indian audience and they have tasted success so far. So novel or idea from Hollywood need not be read in between the lines.
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    I think you have the got the facts wrong. Mackenna's Gold was released in India, sometime in the seventies. I am not sure when, but it was definitely not in the nineties, as you have implied.

    As a kid, I would trudge along with my family to Chanakya Theatre in Chanakya Puri. It was one of the few theatres that showed English movies. Mackenna's Gold was definitely something that I recall, from back then. Not sure whether I have seen the movie or just the huge posters that would be on display in the theatre lobby. However, I am certain that the movie was released in India in the seventies. Please check.

    I have no info on its Hindi remake, jaljala.

    A lot of Hindi movies, especially thrillers, murder mysteries and detective movies are copied/inspired from Hollywood movies. There are others too that were remakes of English movies - Satte pe Satta, was a remake of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My Fair Lady was made into Man Pasand.

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    Even lot of Telugu movies are also inspired or influenced by Hollywood movies and English novels...
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    Ms. Juana (#604838): May be you are correct. But I watched 'Mackenna's Gold' at New Empire(Kolkata) in early nineties (may be in 1992). I remember that the poster proclaimed that the film was a new release.
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    Who was the cast? Do you remember any big names? Could it have been a remake of the original?

    There is also a chance of the movie being a 'new release' in the theatre. 'New release' might not have implied that it was being screened for the first time in India.

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    I remember Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif. Both were great actors. I accept your view because you have watched the film in seventies.
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    Many pictures in Hindi are based on the scripts and ideas from Hollywood movies. At the same time there are many English movies which have taken ideas from Hindi pictures. This is very well known to those people who regularly see English as well as Hindi movies.

    If you see the English movies made during the period 1945-70 some of them will give a feel as if you are seeing a Hindi movie.

    One interesting thing is that copying does not gives a guarantee of success on the box office as that depends on various other factors.

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    1.Mackenna's Gold is released in either 1978 or 1979. It is sure. I watched this movie in Jagadamba Theater in Vizag, AP.

    2. There are some movies for which the stories are from Hollywood movies and some Hollywood movies are based on Hindi movies also as mentioned by Mr. Umesh. Basing on this we can't say most of the films. May be some films. There are many telugu directors we have taken very good movies. For Example K.Viswanath has taken the best music based movies. Mr.Vamsi has taken very movies in the backdrop of godavari.
    3. Recently I have seen a movie Fida in Telangana backdrop and movie is excellent.

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    The horror movies, the stunts (by Jackie Chan) and suspense thrillers in various languages are mainly based from the clues of Hollywood movies. For instance, the movie 'First Blood' was copied with 'ditto' scenes in some regional languages, particularly from South. Bengali and Malayalam films are mostly based on original content and we can observe the remakes in other languages.

    The film 'Mackenna's Gold' was a second release in 1991 in India and I saw the movie at Hyderabad. The performance by the Indian actor (Omar- name not sure) was marvelous.


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    I think most of the Indian films are taken from Hollywood and I will remind you of some films taken from American films but they failed:
    1 - "Bang Bang" Everything was below the original film, the only advantage was is that the actress is Katrina Kaif and the star Herchek Roshan.
    2 - "Brothers" which failed in despite the strong performance of his heros.
    3 - "Players" which was taken from the film "Italian Job" and despite the success of the original film As much as the Indian version.
    4 - "We are family" taken from "Stepmom", Indian film has not been as successful as the original film.
    But many Hindi films are successful and exciting and Hollywood is a reference for all theaters in the world.

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    I agree that most of the movies of Indian cinema specially Bollywood inspires from Hollywood or English novel. But I want to say that there are many Hindi Novels on which Hindi movies are made. The famous novel of Ved Prakash Sharma had wrote couple of movie stories on the basis of his Novel.
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    A lot stories, scenes and even dialogues are copied from Hollywood movies.

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