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    Do you take up easier jobs first?

    We are having many jobs to complete. Life is becoming hectic day by day. Many people take up easier jobs first and after completing them go to attempt the difficult ones.
    On the other hand there are people who take up jobs in a sequence depending upon their urgency or importance.
    Which category of people you belong? What is your view on this? Kindly share.
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    It is the not question of easy or hard jobs, it is the question of immediate address to the problem. If a task or job needs immediate attention, we cannot postpone just because it was hard but it want immediate response from us. For example if you are crossing the unmanned railway crossing, it is your duty to see two sides and then cross and you cannot take risk with slow moving vehicle on the track while crossing. In that case better to wait and ensure that no train is coming far away and then move. Some times we have to take actions beyond our imagination and control to which we have never planned.
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    When you have a number of tasks on your hand you have to make a list of works to be completed and you have to have target dates basing on the requirement. Which is to be done at what time is to be planned basing on the requirement.
    Once you make list and number them basing on the urgency. If there are three works to be completed by week end, pluck the low lying fruits first. What I mean is among three which you cam complete easily and fast take up that work and finish that. Then go for the second and the third.
    Another method is multitasking. If you observe a housewife in the kitchen you can understand easily how to do multi tasking. She will start first with rice cooker. She will put it on and while it is getting cooked she will go far making a fry on the stove or go for making a chutney in the mixer, Same way you can plan simultaneously basing on type of works.
    In answering objective questions to save time go on reading the questions and go on answering. If you don't know the answer don't stop there. Go to another question. After finishing all the questions come back and try for unanswered questions.

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