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    Hyderabad Traffic police would be more strict than ever. Now penalty point system in force.

    Invariably the Youth of Hyderabad and those who reside in old city beyond Charminar seldom follow the rules of the road and having fed up with frequent violators, the Hyderabad traffic police have now come up with new penalty points and when it reaches to 12 within 24 months, the licence would be cancelled and one has to appear for fresh licence. Here is the list of offences that are likely to occur during motoring and riding through the city roads and the penalty points mentioned against it for the members to know and discuss here.
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    The police are same. The travellers are same. The roads are same. The rules are same. But only methodology of punishing is changed. Practice of going to side and talking to the police separately will continue. My opinion is the mindset of the people has to change. Our people are very good in finding ways to to brake the rules. So I am not very optimistic about this. However let us hope for the better. As the author side the police should become very strict and traffic sense should prevail on the travellers and traffic problems will get sorted out in the near future, is the optimistic thought and expectation.
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    For the past many decades, we the public nor the police could improve ourself in strictly following the traffic rules and regulations, I don't think this point system will work as long as corruption exists in our country. We can bribe to delete the points. In our country, the fencing eats the crops.
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    I doubt whether strictness can help the situation. With the easy flow of money, the filty rich people have become more crass. The take breaking laws as a matter pride. They break law without bothering about the consequences. This is the bitter truth of India. In Hydrabad, the traffic condition is very unruly near Charminar and Hydrabad Police is really helpless in this area.
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    I agree with Partha that there is no rule followed in old city especially in Charminar area as the law enforcing agencies are attacked and retaliated when the rules enforced.
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    I think it is a good idea to impose penalties in small instalments to warn the defaulters in a continuous way to give them a chance to correct themselves.

    If you charge a big penalty on the first instance then sometimes the honest and law abiding citizens are caught so this will give them an opportunity to be away from the hassles of police and traffic courts.

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    One day I went to the school of my brother's daughter(studying 3rd standard) to take her for home in the evening. She came out with a friend out and on seeing me she rushed towards me, the friend of her told me,'Uncle, Harini was beaten by teacher today'. I asked my brother's daughter whether that was true and why.She simply,'No, peripa, do not worry, I did mistake in writing so the teacher beats me in hand, that is all, It is only for my mistake and not to repeat'. I just astonished over this.

    Similarly the police personnel found more strict only because of erring people found more. In Bhubaneswar of Orissa I saw once there was no traffic rules even in main roads. If the road users do like this where the police or government will go for correction? Unless otherwise we correct ourselves from mistake it is not necessary to worry about the policemen. We see in many places driving without helmet/seat belt in cars where the strictness over helmet wearing/seat belt in cars. We see many children are driving two wheeler or even car in many places without caring of road.
    If police personnel do some erratic actions haphazardly means only we should take up this matter over news or government.

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