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    Do you schedule your meals according to days in a week?

    As many of the people in this country will have several superstitious even in taking meals and they schedule their meals according to days.If the day is Tuesday or Friday they will not eat any non-vegetarian food items, If the day is Saturday they will take a half day meal on dinner they used to take tiffins like that. some people will schedule their meals differently on different days in weeks.So do you schedule like this? Will God will be really happy doing like this.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    This all depends on the individual's interest. In our area many people take only one time meal on Saturday and thursday. I will also follow the same. I eat only once on tuesday too. On Ekadasi day no meal at all. In the evening only fruits are taken. In Karthika masam many people don't eat anything from morning till evening. After Sunset they eat food. Muslims Ramadan fasting is well known to all. This all depend on the individual's belief and satisfaction. I don't know whether God will be happy or not, but definitely the individual will feel satisfied and will be confident that the God will help him.
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    There are many religious people who observe this day to day scheduling of food which is associated with certain beliefs.

    Everyone does not follow this pattern. Whether God exists or not is a matter of a long debate and even after that there will not be any concrete result or confirmation about its existence but once people believe in that then the belief takes over everything else and you can change a person but can not change him to forgo his belief.

    Beliefs are something deeply rooted in the minds of people and firmly fixed there during their upbringing and even the most logical and rational thinking or argument can not pursue them to change their belief.

    So they will be going about things in their own ways.

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    There is some benefit in adhering to such meals regulation plans followed traditionally in our families.
    In my childhood I have seen my grandparents observe fasting on certain days, avoiding certain food items and certain vegetables like onions etc on certain days. Though I am convinced that it will be good for health management, I have to admit frankly that I am not adhering to such traditional systems. It need not be taken that I do not believe on them, but it is just that I have not taken special efforts for that.

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    Tuesday and Friday are my Mummy's fasting days since my birth.
    Monday is my good lady's fasting day since I got married.
    Thursday is my daughter' fasting day since she started fasting.
    Saturday is my own fasting day for my deity Balaji.
    Sunday and Wednesday are the non-fasting days and spared my family members
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    Having fasting is the prerogative of persons concerned and we cannot and should not comment on this. My brother in law would never eat the whole day on every Thursday as he is the ardent follower of Swamy Raghavendra. Some have ardent belief of Sai Baba and they keep fasting for dinner time. But as far I concerned, I am particular about my health and wont keep fasting at all. However during every Amavasya day when we three brothers do the Tharpanam for the elders, we will take food only after the rituals are over and dinner will be boycotted. That way I also following 1 part of skipping meals for the night.
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    Type of food intake on everyday vary due to several reasons. As already pointed out by different authors there are several reasons for that. During earlier days those who were following the customs used to skip supper. They believed skipping supper on Sundays is part of praying Sun. They did "Aaditya namaskaram" also. If this done on Monday it is for pleasing Lord Siva. Tuesdays are for getting the blessings of Durga devi. For Lord Vishnu it is Thursday. For Mahalakshmi Fridays are good. Saturday for Sani Deva. This beliefs are limited to Hindu believers.
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    According to me, till we are advised to follow some diet, we should eat as we please but the quantity restricted level. We should never control unnecessarily. In our house we prepare daily menu according to our own wish and in sometimes on availability of vegetables. We all in our house are addicted to eat the small bitter guard fried with chilli powder. If we got the same in market, that is all we everybody will sit in the dining hall with much more interest. We able to eat as we wish only till the health cooperates. My family doctor used say not to reduce oil, salt, etc., without any advice but use in the normal way.

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