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    Are we casual and sometimes ungrateful in our responses?

    People are having different different types of behavior. Some are very courteous and particular in responding to their friends and relatives in the most cordial and affectionate manner; on the other, there are people who are rough and shrewd and respond in the most casual way.

    The people belonging to latter category are never thankful and take everything as granted. If someone does a good job for them or help them they consider that it was just the duty of the person and not any obligation. For everything they respond in curt and thankless manner.

    What is your opinion - what is the correct way to respond?
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    I can only talk about myself. Although I try to be courteous in my response, occasionally, due to various circumstances (both online and offline), my responses become discourteous and rude. But I try to be consciously courteous in most of the circumstances and post responses relevant to the threads.
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    It is always better to be good and courteous to people. Even though the others not responding to you properly we should try to be humble. I always try to do that. Some times we may get irritated with others behaviour and talk. Even then if we can maintain our cool that will be a good point. How many people can be like this.
    As you said some people will be very rough and they feel that helping is the responsibility of other people. Those kind of people will make many enemies in the society. Even then they may not bother and continue to be like that which is not at all acceptable.
    Some people take the softness as an advantage and try to make use of them. We should not encourage such people and we should teach a lesson to them without losing our cool.

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    I try to be courteous always. I do not care and just ignore the small ego and one-up-manship if anyone tries on me. As far as possible I try to remain courteous. A far as possible I try not to cause hurt to others by my words or behaviour- even if that means some temporary inconvenience and disadvantage to me.

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    Yes I too feel that some people does not understand the meaning of gratitude and they wont express their satisfaction and wont even smile. Once I was asked to take a person to a hospital for the regular checkup and we thought the process would be over within two hours as the appointment is already taken. But on reaching the hospital it is found that the doctor is taking too much time each patient as he has the detailed discussion and that really delayed our entry to his room. When we came out , we have already spent five hours totally and I missed my important assignments too. The person whom I took to the doctor never bothered about my spending time with him not he asked whether I missed some work. On reaching home also he was not grateful but chided the doctor for not diagnosing him right. I was totally taken back.
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    I always believe in newton's law "For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction". I mean to say we should be always grateful to everybody who help us . Those who don't help us they might be having some reason for it. As talking rude is a very bad practice were most of us do it. Always whether they help you or not we should always talk polite to them.

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