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    That Heavenly Touch is Never Lost

    After dinner, Sumit came out to the balcony and stood near the railings. The houses below, illuminated with lights, looked like a dreamland. 'It's Diwali tomorrow', he remembered.

    He looked up and saw the night sky full of twinkling starts as if the nature is also getting ready to welcome the festival. He looked at the stars for some time and then sat on the armchair. Slowly, his mind drifted to many years back.

    It was also the day before Diwali. He was sitting alone in the courtyard of their little hut in a small village, absorbed in deep thought. He had got a lucrative job offer in one of the best organisations and had to fly the day after Diwali. But how could he leave the village where he spent so many years of his life! How could his aged parents survive without their only child! He was in such a dilemma.

    Suddenly, he felt the soft touch of someone's hand on his head. His mother was sitting beside him. "What are you thinking, my Son?" she asked tenderly.

    Sumit only placed his head on her lap; his eyes moist with tears. "I know, you have been thinking of us," his mother said softly, "But Son! This is life. You have to sacrifice many things if you want to rise in life. Don't think of us. We will always be around you. Even if we are not present, our blessings for you will shower from the heaven." " O Ma!" Sumit could only say with a chocked voice.

    Sumit doesn't know for how long he had been sitting there, when suddenly he woke up with a jerk. He was feeling that same heavenly touch on his head. 'Has mother come here?' he thought.No, it was his little daughter standing behind him. "Papa, let's go to sleep. Tomorrow is Diwali and we have to get up early," she said with a smile.

    For once, Sumit looked at his daughter and murmured , 'Who says everything changes with time? That heavenly touch of my mother is still there in the form of my daughter's.'
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    An excellent way of narrating the story. One thing is sure. When we are with our mother and mother land, we feel we re in heaven. Parents sacrifice their lives for us and they will never think about their difficulties before our happiness. There are many examples for this. We should show our gratitude to them
    always confident

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    A touching story from Nomita Mitra. I enjoyed reading it. An excellent creativity of heavenly touch from a touch of mother and a touch of daughter. Well done.
    No life without Sun

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    Wow the bonding of mother and son was well narrated by the author and this is one more testimony that every feel elated and satisfied with the tender touch of mother and that gives us lots of energy and solace.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent way described about mother and baby feelings. This should be read by every mother. I liked the way the author expressed her feeling for the word heaven.

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    An excellent and emotional story from a new author. She has beautifully explained the emotional bonding between mother and son and father and daughter in the story.
    I think the story is a strong contender for the award.
    Best wishes to the new author.

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