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    Which party you prefer to rule a State- National party or Regional party?

    After Independence most of the Indian States are ruled by National party. After a long gap few States went into the folds of regional parties. Regional parties able to get good focus after 90's because they concentrated on the development of their local region than the whole country. With more and more States encouraged regional parties to rule them they started dominating over the National parties. But slowly as BJP got hold over the country in 2014 election, it slowly replacing regional parties in the States also. So after seeing these changes what is your preference -Regional parties or National parties to rule States best?
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    Here two things has to be discussed. If the regional party is having good relation with the party in center and having the hopes of coming to power , it is better to consider regional party for state and National party at center for our voting. For example TRS is having good relations with PM Modi and supporting his every cause from outside and thus we are getting enough help from center. And we have the compulsion to support TRS in the state, as I could not find any viable party which can understand our aspirations and demands. So the mind set of Telangana voters are very clear in this respect.
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    With no second thought, the regional party. Regional parties understand their region better. They understand the state and the people alike. They know how to trap and use people in their locality hence they've got better chance of winning while running against national parties. And only the national party with a good relation with regional parties will get the majority in the elections. Regional parties lack only the treasure. Otherwise they're self-sufficient.
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    I feel a Regional party which is having a tie up with Center ruling party is a better option. Regional party leaders in the state will be more approachable and they will have a better understanding of the state and it's needs. They will have a better tie up with people in the state. At the same time all regional parties are also not very good. There are some people who will swallow the whole state if they come into power either as a regional party or a National party.Again voters should be able to understand the origins of the party also.

    Even today I have a feeling that the combined AP might have been continued if a regional party was in power at that time. Unfortunately congress at center and congress at State. The residuary Andhra Pradesh was at loss. Congress thought that by bifurcating AP, in Telangana it will come to power and in residuary AP, their friendly regional party will come to power. In both the cases their expectations gone wrong and the party is nowhere in telugu states.

    I give more importance to the person who leads the party than the party itself.

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