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    Who are the best cooks, men or women?

    As many women used to say in the olden days that men only used to cook food items and for that they show example as Nala in Mahabarata Aranya Vasam. As in hotels we see most of the chefs also are men. Are men are better cooks than women?.knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.
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    As far as my knowledge goes men are best cooking persons with vast experience. No doubt women are also expert in cooking but they are subjected to their own kitchen in limited quantity. Take any function or ceremonies, the male cooking persons are given the responsibility of cooking large quantity and varied items. I have seen some experts cooks doing the job with ease for over 5000 people to have the dinner of their tasty menu and even won the praise of the guests. I doubt women wont have such caliber to cater to the needs of such volume of guests and having varied menu of different dishes.
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    This is a very subjective question. You can't arrive at a common conclusion that who is better. It varies from individual to individual. It is true that in restaurants, most of the chef are male but you can see around yourself in the society that many men can't even cook the simplest of dishes. Also, there are many women who can't cook as well. So this can't be answered objectively.

    Note:- I'd like to share a bit of information as well. Men and women are plural in itself. There are no words like mens and womens. Hope, it will help you in the future.

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    I don't want to be discriminative. But here's the answer. If it's the domestic everyday cooking women are the ones. If you're in pursuit of a culinary expertise or a specific type of cooking, then men would do great.
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    Nikesh men's and women's plural is there.

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    Men are the best cookers when higher quantity of food is to be cooked. Nala and Bhima are very famous for cooking .Bhima cooked in Virat Raj;s palace. He was used to go to fields and get required wooden pieces from trees to use as fuel for stoves.
    These days also in functions where more number of people are supposed to eat, only gents will go for cooking. As we see many hotels and restaurants gents only will be chefs.
    But when a small is concerned there Ladies only are better cooks. There are many gents nowadays who are cooking food in houses, Overall if you see men are best cookers.

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    I think nalla and Bhima are one andthe same. In virat raja palace bhima changed his name as nalla that is why we call as nalabhima pakam
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    I fully agree with Dr. Rao. When large quantity of food is required to be cooked, male cook is preferred. But for day-to-day healthy cooking, ladies are thousand times better than gents.
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    Definitely its women. People think it's men because most of the chef in hotels are trained and they are experts in creating artificial foods with addictives. In my personal experience, I can challenge anyone that not a single men can cook as homely and mouthwatering food as my grandmother. In Malayalam we say it "Kaipunyam". All her foods are as unique as hell.

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    Why do men work, in what is traditionally considered, a woman's domain?

    I think it has more to do with how society developed. In ancient times men went to war. They could not take their women along to cook for them, so men were taken along, to serve as cooks. This cooking was done on a large scale, for hundreds, maybe thousands of men. Preparing meals for such a large group required not just skill, but also strength. Imagine, stirring the masala, in vessels as big as rooms or holding large ladles that must have weighed quite a bit.

    Coming to modern times, we now have a flourishing food industry, where food is, once again, cooked in huge quantity. The hotel industry requires the handling of big cooking vessels and food to be cooked in huge quantities. Men being stronger are found more suitable for the job.

    I do not think men can be labelled as better cooks. Cooking is a skill, and both men and women can be good at it. The question should be why men are employed in the food industry – and I think I have provided an answer to that.

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    We have read that there were men cook experts in Puranas or epics namely Nalan and Bheema. We heard that Nala Bhojan and Bheem Bhojan while talking about the bhojan. However male of female, those who cooks with more interest, the items will be delicious - this is often told by mother and my wife (they got name for cooking in all our family circles). More over the famous chef Mr.Venkatesh Bhat once told in a meeting that if we honour the cooking and mind the cooking well the items will be delicious as we can see the difference in hotel preparation and house preparation. In house, people are cooking with intention and keeping in mind that they are cooking for their beloved but in hotels the cook are doing their cooking for the unknown eater.
    #Partha Ji, in our house our earlier grandmas used to cook for a marriage gang in the house itself.

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