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    Saddest day of August in world history

    I am a saddest day of August. People remember me with fear. Most of you might know me. You might have learned about me in your school books. About 73 years ago, I was a very happy day. I was happy to be a part of some important occasions in human life. But on August 6, 1945 everything changed all on a sudden. It was on that day little boy destroyed the happiness of Hiroshima. The dangerous effects people suffered on that day were passed from generation to generation as a nightmare. Looking into today's world, lots of nations have atom bombs ready to use in their hands. But think twice before you act. Else there will be more sad days.
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    The memory of Hiroshima is really like a bad dream for the whole humanity.

    The nuclear arsenels already available with some countries are now a great threat for the civilization. We do not know when the situation may worsen and some country may use it to win the war in its favour.

    The presence of nuclear weapons in the world is like a Damocles sword hanging on our heads. It is really very unfortunate that the scientific knowledge has been misused to create weapons of mass destruction.

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    Yes, 6th August, 1945 is a very sad day for humanity. The 'little boy' has taken the humanity to a different level of destructive ability. The nuclear energy, which Einstein had envisaged for peaceful use, utilised for killing thousands of people.
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    I really admire Japan. They coped with a disaster of such magnitude so efficiently. War had scarred it. Japan was built from the scratch. Despite of the small size and utter scarcity of resources, Japan showed nightmares to the allies. Japanese are the most hard-working people to live on the planet.
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    Who can forget the worst happening in the history of the world. The dreams , the aspirations and the planning of every Individual was shattered by bombing the Hiroshima on 6th Aug 1945. What has been achieved one does not know but the after effects of bombing has moved the world to stop nuclear bomb usage in future. One thing we must agree that. Had this happened to other country, they would have buried and nothing progress could have happened. But hats off to the commitment and vengeance of Japanese people, as they over come the bitter truth and they are now on the top of the world developed wise.
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    This is a fact that 6th August 1945 has become a bad day for the whole country. The unthoughtful act created havoc in this universe. As mentioned by the author still if we think of it we feel shy for what happened to Japan. But the people Japan are able to get recovered from that and built a new Japan which is an ideal country for many other countries.
    After that nobody has used a nuclear weapon. But many countries all ready with the ammunition in their fold. Any bad moment, it may be used. We can't predict.
    Science can be used for progress or for destruction also. It is the people who have the ability to think and act has to see that no one will unnecessarily suffer because of their irresponsible acts.

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