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    Why understand feminism is important for healthy society

    As in are country only few people know about the true meaning of feminism some people don't know about it and some people know wrong definition of feminism
    Feminism means EQUAL RIGHT for all gender
    Some people forgot that in feminism their are equal before right and and for all gender most of people thought that feminism is all about women's right no it is not it about equal right for all gender wether it is women ,men or gay yes guys gay no one consider gays for equal right why is they are not human being
    Feminism is very important for country development for a healthy society and for that the people who believe in feminism should spread feminism as much as they can do and also we need to change are mentality
    for example we always teach are boys to help a girl why girls is they are weak they can't help themself this type of thinking increases rape case because by listing this boys thought that girls is weak and boys can do anything with them ,most of the time people say that "aray yea dekho larki ho kar bhi ya kam kar diya"what does this mean are you promote girls no by saying this you said that girls is weak ,and for saving girl child advitsment what sloga use is "beti nahi bachaoga tho bahu kaha sea lao ga" is girl take birth for only being daughter in law can't she be any thing she can be every thing
    In are daily life how many activity we do by thinking that we support feminism but that's is oppose feminism and a particular gender real feminist never give any priority to girl because this makes girl physically and mentally weak
    So guys at the end I just want to say that feminism is sound easy but it is damm tough to understand first we need to understand it very clearly for a healthy society
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    The author has rightly differentiated and understand the need of the word feminism which means equality to women and not just women rights. The sulking attitude of females and not asserting their rights in the past is also responsible for their plight in the society. Whenever injustice was meted out and being differentiated between men and women , the retaliation mentality should have been developed. I know some religions and castes wont allow the women to assert their rights and give much prominence to men. But again those women should not sulk and compromise their basic right to survive. And given the present situation, the law is totally favoring the females and they are one step ahead in support from government in all fronts. Just what they need is the go and get it attitude and that must be inculcated by the pro women supporters.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Men and women are different. Both biologically and fundamentally. Men have different abilities. Women have different abilities.
    Feminism. Does this give an extra edge to women? Women demanded equal rights before. But today, they're snatching away men's rights. Women of today have misunderstood the concept of feminism.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is true feminism is basically a concept of equal rights to all. But if we see the issue where is it being implemented in its true spirits. Forget about males, females and gays. Within the same gender there are hell lot of differences basing on your caste and religion. So it is always a subject of discussion.Gays are always neglected. Once upon a time gents used to have an upper hand. But over a period of time the combined families are got converted to nucleus family concept of we two ours one. Then onwards slowly females started taking an upper hand and males has to follow. But when it comes to society few males who are brutal in nature are trying to create problems to females which is on the increasing mode. This attitude of males should change. Then only females can have a peaceful life.Government has to create a strict legal system to protect the rights of females

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    @ Aditya Mohan, refer to your statement "But today, they're snatching away men's rights". What rights of men do you see "women snatching away"(sic)? Can you please elaborate on this statement of yours?

    As far as I see, women have always been subjugated. I see men taking pride in the highly-qualified women in their household, managing their homes, efficiently. There is nothing wrong in housework; if a woman does it out of freewill (I do a lot of it). However, if a woman is 'disallowed' to work outside the house because there is a tradition in the the family that only men go out and work, then, I see that as an infringement of the woman's rights, as an individual. Is she not being treated like a glorified maid? Should her responsibilities be confined to making cups of tea on demand…

    Women are physically weaker but are strong in most other aspects. Men, as I see, are threatened by women. This is the reason they confine them, bind them and limit their growth. They are scared to provide her with equal opportunities, for in the back of their minds they realise that women will supersede them if they are allowed to be part of the mainstream. At home, they want to keep up their own dominance.

    Let's not forget, women have excelled, whenever they have been given a chance to choose a path of their choice.

    Feminism is not just about equality in words. It is about equality in every sphere of life.

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    Juana #605097 in my college, there's a separate AC waiting room for women. They even have AC hostels.
    But boys on other hand are suffering with ceiling problems, infesting snakes in dorms, poor food etc..;
    Girls though having not paid the hostel fee, can stay at the hostel for a day with permission. While we guys wanted to stay at the hostel for our project for a day and were denied. In my college bus, my ma'am asked me and my friend to get up from our seats so that she can sit alone! We pay fees. She doesn't. We had to adjust that day by sitting on each other's lap for two hours!
    Instances of pain are too many to even keep count.
    And yes, in sports women get a head-start.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    1. AC waiting room and hostels - I see it as a management issue. Does it imply that women are snatching away your rights? I suggest you take the problem with the management through the right channel. Get your parents involved. Get the media involved, if the problems are grave and remain unresolved, but please don't accuse the female students of snatching something that was never yours. They were given certain privileges; you weren't – so taking them away from you is implausible. Also, women must be paying higher hostel fees. That is the norm, in every institution, AC accommodation costs more.
    2. Permission to stay – Again a management problem. Write a letter of grievance to the Hostel Warden with a copy to the Chief Warden and Dean of Students Welfare.
    3. College bus, ma'am, and seat – This is a case of misuse of authority. Yes, it was wrong. However, there is another aspect that I want to highlight. Your friend and you must be robust, young men – giving up your seat for a teacher should have come voluntarily. (Just a thought).

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Mr aditya mohan as you say that girls gets more benefits on the name of feminism is totally oppose the true meaning of feminism because feminism is not about giving special right or luxury to women feminism is all about equal right for all gender

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    My opinion is very clear on this issue. Many women are definitely in need support, co-operation, sympathy, education and employment. However, the so-called feminists of the society get every facility from the males without doing anything for the women who are genuinely oppressed and who need genuine support. This opinion is from my personal observation.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Historically women were seen and treated as weaker sex all over the world. With advent of education for them and opening of jobs in all areas the concept is changing. They are doing all those jobs which only men were supposed to do.
    Men are taking it as a reduced job opportunity but it is not so. Women are to be allowed in all sort of activities if we really want them to be equal to men. Equality does not mean that they will not obey men or men will not obey them, equality means meaningful and harmonious coexistence. The time has gone when men treated women like slaves. Today she is all powerful to look after her job as well as children.
    You can not treat a woman at a lower level than you just because she gives birth and takes all pains while the men sit in drawing rooms.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I believe that men need to be active participants in this movement, as they are also part of the society that we all live in. Women are not going anywhere and they are going to keep steering ahead. Men who do not join this movement will find it difficult to accept the changes that happen. Resisting change will not stop the change from happening.

    Real feminism is about equality and I do not see why anyone would think it is not right or why women do not deserve the same rights and opportunities as men.

    I realise that you have put down your personal observation. However, I do not understand what you mean by "…get every facility from the males…" What is it that you think the "so-called feminists" get from their male counterparts?

    I appreciate the fact that you think some women need support. Is it only for women to come ahead and support other women? I think change happens when both men and women work at bringing in change. As a spectator one does absolutely nothing.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Men should join this movement for men not for giving equal right to women because women can fight for their right who the hell is man to give right to women

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    Feminism is a good term for argument and discussion but in real sense the saying of equal rights etc., are just humbug as in many places the women are given full rights. Only in very random situations the rights etc., are played. since the period of Saint Agastya the ladies are participating in poet creation, discussion etc., There was princes and queens like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Chito Rani Padmini, Queen Meenakshi, later our India Gandhi, Fatima Begum (first chief justice), Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy, Mm.Jayalalitha etc., Moreover our country is normally said as 'Bharat Matha'. One thing I wish to mention here, Ladies are equal to protectors for a family. You simply go to a house where the wife went away for some purpose, the entire house is not worth to see. If a man met with some accident or fell sick the entire house is protected well by the house lady but if a lady fell sick the entire house lost its charm totally. It will be understand to only those live in a real house with lady. when we see on the road that a lady dive rashly, people used to say why a lady do like this. It does not mean that ladies should not go speed/rash but the consequence is bad and worst comparing to a man in that situation of accident etc., Women are meant for Patience and they are like the sprinkling water on the boiling milk.

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    Male and female must have equal rights (and also responsibilities). That is quite natural and justified in the present world of twenty-first century. But when an 'ism' is added to this simple concept, a sense of propaganda is developed. May I ask a simple question to the so-called feminists of the world? What movement have they initiated to give equal rights to the ladies of gulf countries where the concept of equal rights doesn't exist? If yes, mention the details. If not, indicate the reason.
    Fashionable statements can't change the real condition of oppressed women of the world.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    An 'ism' has to be added so the concept of equal opportunities is understood. Things appear to be propaganda to people who do not believe in something.

    For big changes to happen one must begin with baby steps. Let's not negate the efforts by a diatribe of 'so-called feminism' and question the sincerity and a cause.

    I agree, statements, alone, do not change things. For change to happen we need participation and an understanding of why that change is essential. My perspective is that more men have to change their attitude and the way they look at women. This is the reason I stated that men and women need to work together.

    Your question about what's been done in the Gulf region is not just a pointed question. It is a show of ignorance. First, changes are happening, in small ways, but they are. Second, the question points to a mindset that says, your fight is not earnest if you haven't done something somewhere. You question what's not been done, without appreciating what has been done. You need to understand the dynamics of the situation. Women cannot spread, like tentacles, and do all that has to be done, male cooperation is required too.

    What plagues the regions you mention is a societal problem. Subjugation is so deep-seated in women in these regions that they do not see it as a lack of rights. They first need to be educated so they can identify that it should not be a way of life. Here, I'd like to bring in the role of men. The ones who decide and control women's freedom. Why do men, the world over, not see it as a problem? Why do they not speak against the oppressors? They turn a blind eye. The real issue is that most men are content with the way things are because the rise and equality of women are a threat to them. They are comfortable with the situation. It speaks volume about the real problem on the ground.

    Feminist of the world aren't an organised group that tackle issues across the world. The fact that we are having this debate and the attitude towards the cause, shows how little has been achieved/being done as far as equality is concerned.

    I believe in bringing in a change in small, achievable portions. I lead by example, and I have done that by providing the right opportunities to my daughter and letting her choose what she wants and make her own decisions and live her life, on her terms. I supported her, in the choices she made. Other parents observe and practice the same. Today, she is equipped to take on the world and fight the gender biases, without comprising her ethics and values. She can stand on her own, and make herself noticed.

    I wish that men stop asking questions about what has been done and instead begin contributing.


    Your description of women is pathetic. You see women as glorified maids, without whom a household cannot function. There is more to a woman than being a good homemaker.

    Please note patience is a virtue that everyone should have.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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