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    Does present generation heroes risk their life of doing risky stunts?

    As in olden days, Heroes having duplicates for fighting scenes as they only perform the risky stunts or act adventurous scenes. But the present generation heroes are fearless as they want to do the stunts of their own without duplicates.At times we hear or read in Television and newspaper some hero got injured in shooting on performing a stunt.As they(new generation heroes) feel the loop holes of their acting skills will be ignored if they do these risky stunts on their own.Does Present generation heroes risk their life of doing risky stunts?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Aamir Khan , John Abraham, Tiger schroff and many other "new" generation actors are doing there own stunts. As you said, they might just be compensating for their acting or they are aspiring to give a perfect and memorable performance. I think it's a good thing. This will show the debutants how hard movie industry can be. This will a lesson for dreamers.
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    It is true. These days young heroes are doing all fights and other dangerous scenes also on their own. It is good everybody will be alert as the big boss is doing the stunt on his own. If something happens, people will not tolerate. Earlier some junior artists who have some resemblances with hero were doing these stunts. If some thing happens to them also nobody used to care. They may not risks their lives but they will take calculated risk. These heroes take abnormal rates for their acting. Olden days the remunerations are very less when compared to present day rates.
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    Hi... it's a good question Mr.Bhushan.
    Most of the Every movie watchers would loves stunts. So, we can't say that the stunts are fake or doing somebody else.
    Because nowadays there are young actors, they are always ready to stunt. So now risks are modern trends, hence it's true as well as risky.


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    Yes, I think you are correct. The present generation heroes actually doing the risky stunts without using their body double. Not only the heroes the heroines are also doing such things, as you can remember the accident faced by Kangna Ranawat while doing a risky stunt with her co actor in a sword playing scene.
    Not only her, Priyanka choprs, Katrina Kaif etc. and many more actresses doing their own stunts. But I do not agree with your point as it will compensate their acting. But I think that it is a recent trend of new age film.
    When any actor or actress does their own stunts the media emphasizes on it, which somehow helps in the publicity of the film. Moreover when they did their own stunt it needs a lots of effort too which is not so easy.

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    Cinema Industry has become more competitive and if the actor demands too much from the producer and the director, he is probably out of race and not wanting. Gone are the days when comic scenes are done by the comedian and the fighting scenes are done by dupes of the hero or stunt known persons. But now the actors are taking their own risk to perform stunts and be in the race of super heroes. And the actors knows very well that their die hard fans are close observers of the scenes happening frame by frame and any small mistake from the actor would cost him his position in their heart. So stunts has to be done by them to be in race.
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