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    Languor in concrete jungle !

    Yesterday when myself and my son where going for the Yajur Upakarma , the thread renewal ceremony, we saw a astonishing thing happening in front of our eyes. A big brown Languor with very long tail was amidst the busy traffic and having frightened with sounds and horns of the vehicle, the animal got terrified and ran amok and even had a hit with the wind screen of a car as it somersault to cross the road with total ignorance of on going traffic. I really missed the scene to be recorded to make believe others. This once again proved that animals cannot adjust with their living style in the concrete jungle.
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    It always happens. The animals like buffaloes and cows come into the streets where the traffic is very high, these animals get confused. They will get frightened on seeing so many vehicles roaming on the road with big sounds of horn . They don't understand in which direction they have to go. So they start running here and there and cause lot of confusion to the public resulting in accidents and damages to vehicles. Sometimes when we are going fast in our car these animals will come on the way and they don't even move to side even after hearing the sound of the horn.
    The driver has to slow down and cross the animal from one side or the other. If any foreigners are coming on the roads they feel the entire seen as a fun and take photographs of these animals causing problems to traffic .

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    It happens when animals come by mistake in urban areas and start running here and there making traffic problems and other inconveniences to the pedestrians.

    But there are places where they are well settled in their urban habitat and literary demand food from the various households.

    In Uutter Pradesh, Mathura -Vrindavan is famous as a religious tourist place and if you go there the monkeys will snatch your handbag or spectacle and will sit on a roof of house nearby seeing towards you. When you ask local people for help they will suggest you to give a cool drink in tetra pack like frootie to the monkeys. Once you comply your bag or spectacle will be dropped. This is going on for quite some time there and tourist may be surprised but it is a normal thing for locals. The local vendors are making a heavy sale of frootie also.

    Knowledge is power.

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