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    Should we do away with nominated post of creating as MP for Rajya Sabha ?

    We all know that Ace cricketer and master batsman Sachin Tendulkar has been made as the RS member and also noted actress and queen of beauty those days, Rekha was also nominated to Rajya Sabha as member. But both of them never utilized their post nor they attended the sessions regularly and thus making a mockery of the very position of nominated post. Fans of Sachin and Rekha were hoping that they would raise valid questions in the house and seek inclusive participation of other members through their raising questions. But they failed.
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    A very relevant thread from Mr. Mohan. This issue needs to be discussed at all levels. Considering the dismal performance of the nominated Members of Rajya Sabha over the years, I feel we don''t need nominated Members and stop spending valuable resources on them. But who will bell the cat? Generally nominated MPs are supporters of the ruling party and the Indian political parties won't like to change the system.
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    A good question and very relevant thread. It is better to do away with this nominated posts to Rajya Sabha. These nominated members are experts in their respective field and their services can be utilised in the relevant field. Instead of that nominating them to Rajya Sabha is not serving any purpose to the Country. They don't even know the ABCds of politics. They don't even find the subject interesting.
    But as opined by Partha Kansabanik in politics certain things nobody wants to change. This is an direct way of ruling party to get in their supporters in to Rajya Sabha so that their majority in that rajya sabha will increase. So nobody wants to discontinue the practice.

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    Should the government recover the allowances and salaries thus paid to the so called nominated members for their absent and no actions inside Parliament ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is absolutely a wrong line of thinking. It is not new that famous celebrities and educationists were nominated to the Upper House of the Parliament as a due recognition for their service in their respective fields. Because of their hectic schedules, it may not be possible to attend regularly and join the proceedings. We have seen many a times, the parliament sessions are washed out for no reason and without any discussions. Famous sportsperson are offered job by Government or PSUs but they do little in their new role. Take Sindu for example who has been appointed as Dy. Collector by AP Govt., a post which can't be secured by a University Gold medalist in spite of his intelligence. A Silver medal in Olympics brought her world fame and the AP Govt. was keen to decor her with a Govt. post!

    If at all you have to recover the allowances and other expenditure for the hampering of the business schedule of the Parliament, it should be done for all the erring members including those absentees.


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    Well government and the society also respects the Icons who were good in their respective fields and thus gave additional responsibility of servicing people through RS seat but they seldom perform.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The aim and idea behind nominated MP s is good. Just because there are some aberrations in its implementation it does not mean that the facility should be discontinued.
    Rajya Sabha is the second chamber of Parliament established taking cue from the House of Lords in England. The Rajya Sabha with its representation from states and the nominated MPs who are experts and authorities in various fields like culture,.arts and sports and other fields can make a detailed scrutiny of the various bills and proposals coming in Parliament. The lower house reflects and takes care of the intentions and aspirations of the common people, the upper house analyses and scrutinises the matter under consideration from various other angles too. Then if it thinks that some amendments are needed for the better implementation of the proposal, it appends the same and recommends it back to lower house for re-consideration in the light of amendment or additional suggestions.

    For example the elected MPs may not be able to comprehend or consider all the technical matters regarding an international agreement like nuclear agreement or space technology etc. In such situation the services and contribution of a scientist as a nominated MP will be of great use. Sometimes such eminent and expert people may not be able to stand for election and win popular votes as they may be apolitical and not popular that way. To use their services nomination is a way.
    However of late the nomination route is used to show ' thanks for favours received'.

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